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Top Amazon Listing Optimization Checklist

While selling any product on Amazon, it becomes crucial to check the Amazon Product listing. It makes Amazon decide your search rank whenever a customer searches for something. While creating the Amazon listing, hitting the perfect Amazon SFO strategy apart from proving only relevant information becomes too fruitful.

Providing the most profitable keywords should be the prior goal for Amazon. If things are put in their perfect place, the listing will generally rank the best on Google. To get the help, you can also use some tools and resources shops like Zonbase.com, which can be very useful.

However, here is the top Amazon Listing optimization checklist that can help rank your product’s needful work.


The title is the essential part of the Amazon product listing that carries a great ranking. Normally, Amazon prefers an 80-character based title, speaking everything about the product. Giving a longer title never helps in the product listing and suppresses the ranking changes of your product. It is also preferred that your primary keywords be visible at first so that the customer would find them relevant, whatever may be the case. So, giving essential keywords to the title gives tough competition to your competitors.

Bullet Points

Providing information in bullet points then writing long paragraphs is usually treated better in every aspect. In the Amazon listing also, Amazon provides you to put 5 bullet points, with a 100-word character limit for each bullet point. While using this feature, you should use the entire bullet point and write the bullet points so that you can put through all your profitable keywords. This subsequently helps make the read well and entice the reader to make a purchase.


Unlike other shopping app features, the description carries a lot of weight in Amazon’s algorithm. Usually, most customers do not care about the listing page or even the description, but Amazon’s algorithm frequently works here. As the description part provides a lot of space and more keywords to describe, you can write a proper description of your product and can also make use of some of your less-profitable words.


The review section is fascinating throughout the listing part, which can be used very intelligently. Most customers don’t even know how to use this comment section to make the business profitable. In the review section, you can never control the customer’s use to write a review, but you can do the same while replying or responding. You can use proper trending keywords while replying to the customers’ reviews.


Apart from all these major optimization checklists, some other tools like images, FBA, and proper keywords everywhere can also bring a lot of changes. While using images, you should use proper high-resolution images and multiple images that can showcase how your product is valuable. So, these are some top Amazon listing optimization tools.