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3 Reasons Innago Is Better Than TurboTenant

By now, you probably know how much time, money, and energy property management software can save you.

With that said, how do you know which platform to go with? It’s important to choose the best software for your business, but with so many options out there, making this decision can feel like an impossible one.

Two popular platforms right now are Innago and Turbotenant. But between these two, which is better?

Here are three reasons you should choose Innago over TurboTenant for your property management needs.

  1. More Bang for Your Buck

When choosing your property management software platform, your goal should be to find the one that gets you the best quality for the lowest price. With this in mind, you can’t beat Innago.

Innago is free for landlords and property managers. Regardless of how many units you manage, you have complete access to every feature for free. If this is the case, how does Innago make money?

Innago brings in revenue from certain add-on services charged to tenants. For example, when a tenant makes a bill payment online, they’re charged a processing fee of $2 when they pay using ACH or 2.75% when they use a credit or debit card. As a landlord, you can cover these costs if you wish.

Applicants must pay an application fee for a screening report, which is $30 for a credit and criminal history check and $35 to also include an eviction history check. Finally, Innago also offers renters insurance, which tenants can buy right from the platform. Policy prices are determined on an individual basis.

TurboTenant, on the other hand, offers two plans. They do offer a Free plan, which functions similarly to Innago, offloading small charges onto tenants for certain services. The Free plan is limited compared to Innago and TurboTenant’s Premium plan. The Premium plan costs $8.25 per month (or $99 per year), and it offers additional features and functionality.

Overall, you get more from Innago while paying less. On Capterra, the largest review site for property management software, TurboTenant received 4.6 stars out of 5, while Innago earned 5 out of 5.

  1. Better Features

Features are a fundamental component of property management software. Without solid features, you won’t be able to accomplish everything your business requires.

Innago and TurboTenant offer many of the same features, including:

  • Online rent collection via ACH, credit card, or debit card
  • Tenant screening (credit, criminal history, and eviction history reports)
  • Customizable online rental applications
  • Listing syndication on major listing sites
  • Automatic payment reminders, late fees, and messages
  • Maintenance request portal

Some core property management features aren’t offered on TurboTenant’s free version. Electronic signatures, for example, are only included in the premium version (otherwise, you have to individually pay for each document you want to sign electronically). Innago also provides crucial features like accounting, financial management, document management, and tax management, which are completely absent from TurboTenant.

Overall, Innago scored 4.8 stars out of 5 for its features, while TurboTenant scored 4.5.

  1. Better Customer Service

You never know when you might be in a pinch and need help with something related to your platform. For this reason, it’s important that your property management software provides great customer service.

Innago assigns a specific representative to each account for personalized phone and email service. Even after hours, you’ll be able to reach someone by phone and email (and you’ll almost always be able to talk to someone immediately). If you aren’t, you can rest assured that someone will get back to you within a couple of hours. 

Innago also provides a blog full of helpful articles and resources, hosts webinars for new users to learn about the platform, and even offers one-on-one demos by request.

TurboTenant provides users with email support, a FAQ page, and a help center filled with videos and demos. TurboTenant doesn’t offer phone service unless you purchase the Premium plan. You must also wait longer for chat support if you don’t have the premium plan.

For these reasons, many reviewers have expressed their frustrations with TurboTenant’s customer support. Overall, Innago received 4.9 stars on Capterra for this metric, while TurboTenant received 4.2.


In the Innago vs TurboTenant matchup, there’s a clear winner. 

Innago’s affordability, high-quality and abundant features, and excellent customer support make it the perfect choice for any landlord. If you’re still trying to find the right property management software for you, look no further than Innago.