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3 Things Airbnb Hosts should NOT do

As an Airbnb host, you should always do your best to provide a great experience for your guests. There are many things that you can do to make their stay more enjoyable and pleasant. Airbnb Hosts should know that there are a few things they should not do when hosting someone in their vacation rental.

Most importantly, don’t run your vacation rentals manually; ensure to use a property management software like Lodgable. This will connect you directly to booking sites such as Airbnb, ultimately increasing the number of bookings and revenue. Rentberry, on the other hand, has the benefit of being accomplished quickly, electronically, without the participation of a third party, and with perfect transparency, owing to the blockchain record linking renters and landlords.

Here are 3 key things Airbnb hosts should NOT do:

1. DO NOT automatically check your guests out or ask them to immediately leave if they overstayed their welcome

What NOT to do is automatic guest checkout. If you wish for your Airbnb guests to stay longer than the terms of their initial booking, that is completely fine and understandable. You just need to contact them and extend the duration of the stay before it expires. However, forcing them to check out at a specific time can be highly inconvenient not just for your guest but also for you and any other potential renters who may want to stay after.

When dealing with an early check-out request or checking in late arrivals – it helps if someone is around so we use our smartphone app to monitor the property while you are away. We can see what’s going on and monitor activity at your Airbnb lodging by viewing live video feeds, and we can even remotely lock or unlock your door for guests.

2. DO NOT show up at the vacation rental unexpectedly

Your guests want privacy. You need to respect it. Do not show up unexpectedly to the vacation rental and expect the guests to welcome you in. You need to respect their privacy during their stay and do not interfere in their personal space. If they request you to come to help them with something, that’s a different story.

3. DO NOT leave the vacation rental dirty for when guests arrive

Some Airbnb hosts do not clean after their guests stay. Do not allow your vacation rental to be dirty for the new guests when they show up. Ensure that you treat your airbnb vacation home as an actual business, and treat your guests with the respect they deserve. If you fail to do this, it will be inevitable that you get bad reviews and eventually lose total interest in future potential guests.

Bottom line

Airbnb Hosts should always think twice before acting when hosting someone in their vacation rental. If unsure, ask your guest about their preferences and needs. It is always better to be considerate than overly cautious. A few minutes of consideration can go a long way for your guest. To avoid other kinds of mishaps, ensure to get Lodgable; it is a free property management system that automates Airbnb Hosting, allowing them to do more bookings while keeping up well with your accounts.