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5 Modern Facades Types for Commercial Buildings  

When it comes to commercial buildings, it is imperative that it looks absolutely perfect at first glance. It should look sophisticated, well-constructed, and inviting. Nevertheless, facades are one of the many ways architects give buildings a richer and more polished look. And if you’re wondering what a facade is, it is simply the exterior of a building that is often covered with specific materials. New kinds of facades have come out, and you can ask facade experts which one would work best for your building, and here’s a list. 

#1 Natural Stone 

These are becoming increasingly popular in the world of architecture. Most buildings, if they opt for natural stone as the facade of choice, go for options like granite, limestone, sandstone, and more. They add a nice earthy finish to the building and look aesthetically pleasing. They are also more sustainable, so if that’s a part of your checklist, then speak to the experts about installing natural stone facades. Moreover, the stones help keep the building cool as well. 

#2 Steel and Glass

Although there are one of the most common facades used in modern buildings today, they will never go out of style. They look incredibly sleek and sophisticated and add a touch of elegance to the structure. For instance, reflective glass surfaces are an excellent choice as they reflect the sky and make the structure look bigger than it is and giving the illusion of it merging with the sky. 

Most facade experts use a combination of steel and glass in order to make such building facades. They use steel frames and glass panels and surround the whole building. 

#3 Closed Cavity 

If you’re looking for facades that provide added protection, then opt for closed cavity glass facades. In this, two types of glass panels are used in such a way that a gap forms between them, helping to prevent condensation. This is great if the building is in a humid area and there’s excess moisture in the air. They also have automatic solar shading machines inside the cavity, which helps with sun protection. So it’s a multi-faceted facade that can not only look good but acts as a barrier. 

#4 Aluminium Composite Panels

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, ask facade experts for ACPs. They are easy to clean and manage and have several positives that make them ideal when you don’t want to spend too much time or resources on them. They are quite lightweight and provide excellent protection against harsh weather. And with proper insulation, your structure will remain safe, and so will the people (or objects) inside it. Meanwhile, make sure they use double aluminium sheets for added insulation. 

#5 Pre-Cast Concrete

If you don’t want to spend too much time on the installation process, you can go for pre-cast concrete facades. Concrete panels are made beforehand by putting them in an appropriate mould. These panels are then installed directly at the location. It requires low effort and gets the job done efficiently and within a tight schedule. Besides, they, too, are more sustainable and affordable than other options available in the market.

Facades are a great way to increase the value of the property. Not only do they elevate the appearance of the structure, but they also provide protection and privacy, which are both vital, especially for a commercial building. It has a lot of importance in architecture, so get in touch with experts and start with the installation process.