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5 simple steps to hang a bear butt hammocks everyone can do

People are migrating from using tents during camping to hammocks. Over the past decade, more and more people have started using hammocks to achieve better and quality sleep during camps. The change is not surprising, considering the many benefits one can gain from using hammocks. 

There are different types and sizes of hammocks, there are large hammocks, large enough to contain two people and there are also small ones capable of carrying only one person. People who have been used to carrying and making tents often wonder if the process of setting up a hammock is simple or complex. What makes hammock usage great is that they do only help you achieve deep and quality sleep, they are also easy to set up contrary to what many newcomers believe. That’s why in this blog post, I’ll be teaching you how to hang a bear butt hammock in 5 simple steps that every and anyone can do.

What is a bear butt hammock?

A bear butt hammock is simply a hammock produced by a company known as bear butt.

Bear butt hammocks are just like every other brand of hammock in the sense that they can be hung and they also offer you comfort while you sleep. The bear butt hammock does have some subtle differences which differentiate them from the rest. As an example, the carabiners on a bear butt hammock are made of lightweight metal and they have a sturdy feel compared to the plastic ones offered by other brands.

How to hang a bear butt hammock

If you recently purchased a bear butt hammock and you are preparing to go camping but you don’t know how to hang one? Then continue reading, in this section, I’ll be teaching you how to hang your bear butt hammock in just 5 simple steps. It doesn’t get easier than that right? Yeah, I thought so too while making the steps.

  1. Measure the distance 

When setting up your bear butt hammock, the distance between the two trees should be about 12-15m. If you can’t get this measurement and it’s slightly less, don’t worry it’s still okay.

  1. The ropes

Now, undo the ropes and strap them around the trunk of the tree. Ensure that the distance from the ground is about 7 or 8ft.

  1. Cinching the hammock 

Lace your ropes through your carabiners so that you’ll be able to cinch your hammock to be as high or low as you want it to be. When you have found your desired position, tie it around a couple of times until it’s tight and secure. Do well to tug on the hammock to make sure it’s good and tight.

  1. Attempt a 30° angle

When setting the hammock, attempt a 30° from the hammock line to the tree. This step is crucial if you are want to make it perfect. If you are not too particular about perfection then this step wouldn’t matter much to you.

  1. The height of the hammock 

Ensure that the hammock is chair height above the ground (i.e., 12-18 inches). This height is good enough to keep you safe from crawling and other insects that live in camping areas. For the flying ones, you can purchase a hammock that has a mosquito net to protect you from those ones if your camping site is infested with them.