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5 tips for a successful trip to Mauritius

Many believe that it is enough to choose the right destination to then live the trip of your dreams. True, but only partly! To make sure you have a good holiday, you will also have to focus on other criteria such as the weather, the travel formula, the activities and excursions to do on site… In order to help you in your preparation, our teams share with you their top five tips for a successful trip to Mauritius.

Choose the right period

The best time to travel to Mauritius is the one that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant climate while avoiding the tourist crowds. If you are advised to avoid the cyclone season which runs from December to March, it is possible to discover Mauritius the rest of the year.

Book well in advance

This is probably the advice we share the most with travellers. The more you book in advance, the better the organization of your trip to Mauritius will be. Indeed, by booking in advance, you are certain that the hotels on site are not yet full, and most of them offer preferential rates under the “Book in advance” offer. To save money on your plane ticket too, booking in advance is essential. In total, a few months of waiting can save you up to 40% of the total cost of your Mauritius Holidays!

Choose the right travel formula

Through this advice, we invite you to dwell on the different travel formulas in Mauritius. If the most obvious of them is the seaside stay which allows you to fully enjoy the beaches, there are in fact many other ways to discover the island and its many treasures. It’s a good way to experience several adventures in one and the same trip. You will also have the possibility of renting a car to discover the island in freedom. Finally, in terms of accommodation, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to stay in a charming hotel, in a resort, in an eco-lodge or even in All Inclusive.

Find out about activities and excursions beforehand

To be sure to find what you are looking for when you arrive in Mauritius, find out beforehand about the activities and excursions available in the region or in the hotel you have chosen. Whether you dream of kitesurfing, going on a big game fishing excursion with the local fishermen, diving or snorkeling or hiking in the heart of nature, there is bound to be a little corner of Mauritian paradise that will meet all your needs. cravings. Do not hesitate to read the tourist guides and, better still, to contact your favorite travel agency.

Check the practical information of the destination

A less pleasant aspect of the trip, but nevertheless essential! To avoid unpleasant surprises, check, before booking your stay in Mauritius, that the conditions for entering the territory do not seem too restrictive. Also remember to consult the health information, especially in terms of vaccinations essential to enter the territory. You will leave in full knowledge of the facts.

Did you find these 5 tips informative? We hope so!