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6 Types of Men’s Accessories for Any Occasion

Do you enjoy accessorizing? Or are you simply someone that noticed that many of your everyday items need an upgrade. Either way, investing in prime accessories such as stylish hats and updated socks and phone cases can greatly improve your look. 

Accessories can take a drab outfit and make it both interesting and more functional. Knowing which accessories to invest in can make any wardrobe classy and stylish. Whether you add a hat during the winter or a classic pair of sunglasses to a simple outfit of a button down and jeans, you have made your look both more interesting and added useful accessories to the day. 

With clothing and accessory companies adding new items and lines often, it can be hard to narrow down which accessories are the most versatile. For many men, simply focusing on a few key items to upgrade can make a vast improvement in their wardrobe

Must Have Accessory #1- Classic Sunglasses

Portrait Man Male – Free photo on Pixabay

Sunglasses are one of the most simple and classic accessories used by men on a daily basis. Whether you are heading to brunch with your friends or spouse on the weekend or attending an important business meeting, your sunglasses are bound to be around your neck or in your shirt pocket. The last thing you want is a pair of beat up sunglasses being noticed by your friends or colleagues. 

Sunglass companies know that men need a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shades, so you can purchase a classic or retro styled pair of sunglasses to suit the style that fits you and the shape of your face best. Many sunglass companies also sell quality cases or even a handsome embroidered sunglass strap to keep them around your neck to help protect your new investment. 

Must Have Accessory #2: The Man Bag

Many men use a backpack or laptop case when computing to work or simply going to the coffee shop. Not only does the man bag get used during the work week, it is often also used for weekend getaways or activities making it a must have for many guys and a highly used wardrobe item.

This accessory is one that is overlooked the most as the average male is focused more on function than style. But you can have both! The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an actual backpack or a messenger bag

Messenger bags tend to be more professional and stylish so if you are someone that is in meetings or goes into an office often, this is probably the better choice for your wardrobe. A backpack is a great option for someone self-employed or that works in an outdoor industry. Whichever you choose, updating this item in your wardrobe means you have a great new option for both everyday events and weekend activities. 

You may have read the word cufflinks and immediately thought that was too fancy of an accessory for you. Well think again! Cufflinks have become a fashion icon for both dressy and casual events and activities. 

The type of cufflinks you wear says a lot about you, your personality and style and your interests. Do you like fly fishing? Well you can wear fishing rod cufflinks that are classy and a great conversation starter. Do you like to golf? There are numerous options out there for cufflinks styled like golf clubs. 

No matter the look or theme you are searching for, you will be able to find a variety of styles and price points for your ideal cufflink set allowing you to wear them for all occasions. Cufflinks are no longer reserved for dressy special occasions but can be worn with business casual outfits too to add interest to your wardrobe. 

Must Have Accessory #4: A Classy Phone Case 

The phone case is an accessory that is often overlooked as it is such a common everyday item that people take for granted. But people that notice details notice things like a dirty or cracked phone case. With a variety of options available, you can focus on both the look and the durability of the case.

 If you are more outdoorsy, get a rugged case that can still be fashionable. Or if you are in business meetings often, a leather phone case is sure to impress. You use your phone numerous times throughout the day in a variety of different settings, so having a clean and stylish case is a must to improve your accessories collection. 

Must Have Accessory #5: Stylish Socks 

Sock fashion has come a long way since the simple white tube socks were all the rage. Now you can get socks styled with anything from your favorite sitcom all the way to your favorite hobby. The nice part about investing in stylish socks is that they can be mixed and matched with both athleisure wear as well as date night clothes. Just don’t forget to put them in a sock bag when doing the laundry so you can keep the pairs together to enjoy and wear. 

Must Have Accessory #6- The Stylish Hat 

Men’S Hats Fedora Fashion – Free photo on Pixabay

Have you ever looked in the mirror as you are about to walk out the door and thought your outfit could use a little sprucing up? Adding a hat to any styled outfit instantly improves the look and makes a statement. Fedora hats have become increasingly popular in fashion over the last decade and they can be added to an outfit meant for a night out on the town or even to a suit for a stylish wedding. 

The best news about hats now is that many companies have realized that one size doesn’t fit all, and offer extended sizes for larger head types. So if you have hesitated in the past to try a hat with your outfit, no need to give up. Now you can find the just right size hat to make any type of outfit look more interesting when you are out and about. 

The beauty of adding accessories to your outfits is that they can work for when you are dressed casually or heading to a black tie event and then everything in between. Something as simple as your socks can make a big statement if you find a stylish pair to go with your outfit. Investing in items such as quality hats and cufflinks shows that you care about your appearance and take yourself seriously. Choosing versatile options allows you to mix and match your accessories for anywhere that life may take you.