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7 Tips to Travel Alone in Thailand That Work Like a Charm

If you consider yourself a big fan of traveling solo, Thailand might be one of the best options out there in current times. After long quataintaine periods everyone needs a good time at the beach, but it doesn’t have to be just a dream. Even when you need to be a bit more prepared and alert due to current travel restrictions, you can enjoy yourself in this sweet spot of the world. Whether or not you have never visited Thailand in the past, you are warranted to have an amazing experience in this heavenly country, not for nothing this is one of the favorite destinations in the globe, especially when it comes to solo trips. Anyways, it is a smart decision to take pro-tips into account before planning your travel activities around this exotic southeaster-Asian country.

1. Medical Insurance requirement to Enter Thailand, effective since 2021

It is important that you have proof of your medical insurance service with coverage of $100,000 or more. While it used to be an optional decision up to the traveler whether or not to get an insurance service, since covid-19 became a thing, it is now a strict requirement.

2. Stop worrying about traveling by yourself

If you like to socialize a lot, there will be thousands of people to experience Bangkok life with. In fact, there will be a lot of people just like you, exploring Indochina by themselves while you are at any of the beautiful places in this country.

3. Thailand is budget-friendly

You actually don’t need to break your bank to have a great time when visiting this country. For example, there are plenty of accomodation with a daily fee as little as $10 USD, which is very helpful when you have to cover the travel expenses by yourself as you keep the costs low.

4. Making friends in the Indochinese peninsula

You will find many other backpackers and solo travelers in Thailand, especially if you stay at a hostel. Now, you can rest assured that the vast majority of hostels are really clean and in a convenient location.

5. Be careful with motorbikes

If this will be your first time trying one of these sooters, you first need to make sure that you are able to do it safely and never do it while drinking.

6. You can earn money while in Thailand

During your visit you can teach English and get paid, when you sign up in one of the volunteer programs in this awesome country. There are many tourists who choose this option as an effective way to keep the expenses low during their holidays.

7. Take your filtration water bottle with you

This is hands down one of those pro-tips that you should follow. Keeping yourself safe while traveling is probably the highest priority for any person, and by making sure that you are drinking clean water from a filtration bottle during your stay, you will have a more pleasant time while saving some valuable money.