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7 Ways to Beat Laziness and Change Your Behavior

Sometimes you have to act through force, forcing yourself and suffering from this with all the cells of your body. But it’s possible to learn how to “wind” yourself up to go further, isn’t it? Let’s try to do this with an improvised accumulator at different levels of the behavior pyramid.

Our Choices Lead to Concrete Results

Early morning. The only desire is to sleep in and stay in bed longer.

But we have to get up. Even last week you made a lot of plans for the day, and if you abandon them, the tasks will roll over to tomorrow.

How do you make a productive day scenario that makes you enthusiastic and willing to act?

The 7 Levels of Behavior

Laziness is a companion of all people and it’s no wonder that humanity has come up with many ways to combat it:

  • Promising a reward at the end, stimulating uninteresting actions by getting something.
  • Working through “I can’t”, on pure willpower.
  • Developing skills and rigid schedules that won’t allow you to deviate from the course.

All these methods can be put together and decomposed into 7 components. You get a pyramid, which will help you understand how to build a straight road to your goals. At its core are simple ways to force yourself to act.


We transcend ourselves and do the right thing solely on inner strength. This works as long as we are in control and in control at all times. As soon as we loosen our grip, everything falls apart.

Willpower can push you forward for a long time, but it has disadvantages:

  • It’s unstable.
  • It’s finite.
  • A life lived through endlessly ignoring your own desires is unlikely to bring you pleasure.


Another way to do unpleasant things is to encourage yourself. Incentives can be positive as well as negative: a scandal from your wife, a debriefing from your boss, fear of losing something. A positive stimulation can be, like this: if you achieve your goal, you can play at Bet22 or have a vacation. Reasons to take control of yourself can be created by yourself, making a bet and telling others about your plans.

Changing the Environment

Finding yourself in an environment where it’s impossible to retreat is a good way to achieve results, but you can use it only by relying on the first two levels of the pyramid: without willpower and stimulation, it’s difficult to change the environment around you.


When we do something day in and day out, we get caught up in the process and increase its effectiveness. Developing your own rules and following them will help you resist laziness.


We explain the need to do something by the fact that “I am such a person. I finish reading because I always do, I go for a run because I always do”. We accept the role and try to always follow it.


When handled correctly, discipline can become a habit. Habits don’t make unpleasant tasks pleasant or tedious tasks fun, but they help you treat them easier. Ignore them.

Habits are near the top for a reason. Thanks to them, we save resources, learn to get to work quickly and without unnecessary suffering.


The apex of our pyramid and the best way to get ourselves to do what we need to do. When we enjoy the task, when we understand exactly why we need to do something, everything works.

Find the answer to the question, “Why do I need it?” and you won’t have to force yourself.

By looking at the pyramid, you can find the way that you need it. It may be enough for you to get a foothold on one level or to use everything all at once.

Is It Worth It to Change Behavior?

You don’t need to change just for the sake of changing. If you’re happy with everything – fine! But if you’re constantly berating yourself for procrastinating, go up the pyramid.