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7 Ways to Protect your Joints with Ageing

Ageing is a normal process our body goes through. Ageing changes a lot in our bodies. From our skin to strength everything changes with ageing.

Why is joint health important?

No matter what your definition of ageing, it can change your life in many ways. Just like people, ageing can occur differently for different people. For some people, it is more evident while others go through it without any evident change.

Some people age without getting older. Just like your skin, ageing affects your bones and muscles as well. Weakened joints are another common problem associated with ageing. You can have mild joint pain but the severity of the problem can lead to severe immobility.

Joint pain can inhibit you from performing many of your daily life activities. My aunt who was overweight and suffering from joint pain since she was in her 30’s ultimately ended up with immobility due to joint pain. Though she was getting treated at Alkhidmat Teaching Hospital it became really hard for her to live a normal life with this illness,

Ways to protect your joints with ageing

Ensuring your joints depends upon your prevention of joints with ageing. Here is how you can do this.

1- Maintaining a healthy weight

Your body weight determines how your joints will perform. Excess body weight directly comes to your bones and it stresses your joints. Stressed joints can be problematic for you thus, maintenance of healthy body weight is all you need to have healthy joints with ageing. Try consuming nutritiously sufficient food, drink enough water, workout and quit bad lifestyle habits to have a healthy weight.

2- Stay physically active

Physical activity is extremely important when it comes to your physical health. It not only offers the benefits of physical health but also keeps you alert and active. In the case of joints, physical activity helps to keep your joints flexible thus improving their performance. If you are on your way to having healthy bones as you age, make sure you are staying physically active. Start with mild physical activity and gradually increase it as your stamina improves.

3- Mix up your workout routine

Do you know that working out isn’t the only important thing but doing it right can make the difference? Doing only one type of workout can stress out your joints affecting their overall health. Thus, it is important to work out in a mix and match manner. Combine low and high-intensity workout by altering the targeted muscles each day. This can surely help to keep your joints healthy and strong.

4- Drink water

Staying up to your hydration levels can keep your body healthy. You will be surprised knowing that more than 70% of your body’s cartilage depends on your water intake. In case of dehydration, your body consumes water from other sources. Thus, to protect your joints health, replace sugary drinks and other beverages with plain water and keep yourself hydrated.

5- Don’t smoke

Smoking isn’t only bad for your lungs but it also affects your joints. Smoking can add up to the inflammation that can take a toll on your joints health, weakening them, said a renowned bone specialist. Quitting smoking can help to keep your joints strong enabling you to enjoy better joint health.

6- Listen to your joints

Your body tries to communicate in many ways and listening to your joints help to protect them from ageing. Monitor your joints health, if you feel joint pain after physical activity then this surely is a sign of possible trouble with your joints in future.

7- Eat your way to healthy joints

The food you eat impacts your joints health. Some foods can promote your joints health while many others can make your joints health worse. Thus for healthy joints, you need to consume

  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Olive oil
  • Grains
  • Lentils
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dry fruits

All these foods can help to fight inflammation and provide essential minerals and nutrients that are required for better joint health.

Bottom Line!

 Joint health is of utmost importance because our joints hold our body weight. However, the process of ageing can make them weak causing us to have painful joints in older age. All these practices can protect your joints against ageing. However, if you see any sign that indicates poor joint health, it is recommended to immediately seek out help from a physician.