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8 Most Famous Indian Paintings of Modern Times

Paintings are a window into a world unknown. They are like a small portal into the artist’s mind and his or her perspective of the world. Each artist has a different take on things and the way they perceive things. The way an artist paints lets viewers have a sneak peek into their view of things.

Indian paintings are known for their ethnic integrity and traditional touch, they hold great significance and value when it comes to the art market. Indian painters are considered to be pioneers in their field and their imagination and creativity are unique.

Some of the Indian paintings are extremely high value and have been exhibited in many shows and have great relevance in the art market all over the world. These paintings are used as masterpieces and as references for young and coming artists to learn the master techniques used by the legendary artists in their paintings.

Most Valuable Indian Paintings

Indian paintings are very valuable and there are many kinds of paintings that India is famous for. Self-portraits, nature paintings, modern art, Tanjore paintings, and many other types of paintings are extremely famous when it comes to Indian art.

Some of the paintings held by some of the most famous painters such as Ravi Verma, Amrita Sher Gil, MF Hussain, etc have been displayed in many famous exhibitions and have been auctioned globally for very high values. Some of the most notable ones are also displayed in many art museums across India and the world.

Eight of the most famous Indian paintings that are known all over the world and are of high value in the art community is listed below:

  1. Shakuntala by Ravi Varma

Shakuntala and “Lady with the Fruits” are two of the most famous portraits by Raja Ravi Varma. Raja Ravi Varma has many solid and undeniable masterpieces when it comes to art. His paintings are replicated and sold even today in picture frames. Shakuntala is a series of women-based portraits that will capture hearts and attention.

  1. The Glow of Hope by SL Haldankar

This beautiful and subtle painting has adorned the walls of the Mysore Palace for years together and has thrown fresh new light on how subtle and classic art can speak volumes. The portrait is that of a woman holding a lamp and is considered synonymous with new beginnings and hope.

  1. Horses by MF Hussain

One of the most exemplary works of MF Hussain, one of the biggest most valued painters of modern times, this picture brings forth the magnificence and brilliance of horses galloping with beautiful and remarkable strong lines and definition.

  1. Krishna ‘Spring in Kullu’ by Nicholas Roerich

One of the national treasures of India, this Russian native who traveled to India painted one of the best modern art depictions of Krishna playing the flute in the beautiful valleys of Kullu.

  1. Three Pujarins by Jamini Roy

One of the famous modern artists of the decade, this art piece depicts three worshippers in traditional Bengali Costumes is an excellent work of art.

  1. Self Portrait by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore is one of the most exemplary artists and philosophers of olden times in India and his self-portrait is one of India’s treasured artwork.

  1. Mahishasura by Tyeb Mehta

This unique contemporary artwork depicts Mahishasura emerging from the amalgamation of Asura, the giant with a bull.

  1. Bapuji by Nandlal Basu

Bapuji is one of the most notable representations of Gandhiji on the Dandi March by Nandalal Bose.