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9 Tips for Writing Your Scholarship Essay

“A scholarship is the best reward to motivate you for the next accomplishment”

The scholarship essay is the first thing your scholarship committee will see in your application transcript. A scholarship essay cannot be written in a day, it is the years and years of accumulating general knowledge.

They say no knowledge is wasted and that is true, especially when you are in the spotlight. If you are applying to your dream college there are chances you already feel the pressure and stress. Since a lot is at stake for you. Make sure to consider all aspects.

Your scholarship essay should not be like the one you use to write before but it should be personalized and written with your life experiences. The essay committee needs to know what kind of a person you are and that can only happen through your essay.

Your GPA can say so much, the rest is dependent on your tone and writing style. Your opinion and voice should reach the reader. If you do it right, your scholarship will be the gateway to a brighter future. Who doesn’t want a scholarship that opens doors of opportunities for you in the academic and professional world?

But that can only happen if you compose an excellent scholarship essay. For that, you need to put your best foot forward. In this post you will learn to do just that, you will get nine tips for writing your scholarship essay.

Know your audience

You need to know your audience, like an eagle watching his prey for days. You need to know the scholarship committee, the people who will be reading your essay. They are the people you need to impress at all costs.

Go on the institution’s website and check the scholarship committee, look at their online profiles. You can also search for the previous scholarship winners and see the ideal scholarship candidate. This way you will know what the committee is looking for, but that doesn’t mean you have to fit yourself in a box. You should just get guidelines for writing your essay but your writing style should remain the same as it is.

Planning phase

You should allow yourself to prepare for the essay, do not go all in without any preparations. You need to plan out your scholarship essay. It will be one of the most important documents you compose before starting college.

Therefore you should plan it long and well. Reading other scholarship essays is also part of your planning phase, you need to understand that the essays you use to write in your high school years were different. Now that you want to get into college and with that a scholarship. The essay has to be solid.

Make an outline

The outline for your scholarship essay is necessary. Like any other important document, multiple drafts need to be drawn for your essay. Each draft should have a different perspective and each draft should be shown to your supervisors at your school. Or your family members who have gone to college on scholarship. There is another option of getting a college essay writing service to make a solid outline for you. And then you can build your essay on that structure.

These outlines will make your final draft, as in your final essay worthwhile. Elaborate your points in the outline so that you do not miss out on anything.

Opening scene

Like the opening act in a show, your essay should have that “hook” that keeps the reader engaged. You need a very captivating beginning, something that forces your reader to move to the next sentence without thinking.

For example,  “I was alone, with nothing but my disappointments to surround me. In a tiny apartment with a mouse to keep me company, I think I’m gonna set up traps tonight. Funny isn’t it? When I was a kid I had always wanted a hamster as a pet after I watched The Nutty Professor. Now I just want to be left alone, I can’t even be bothered by this mouse. Things have truly changed”

Structure: Intro, Body, and Conclusion

The structure of your scholarship essay should be easy and simple. Nothing too fancy. No matter how captivating or engaging you want to make the essay. The structure of the essay has to be simple. Look into essay writing services the UK established, study their samples and you can understand the essay structure from a professional writer.

The introduction comes first with just two paragraphs, then follows the body with four paragraphs, and then the conclusion.

The introduction should start will start with introducing the essay topic and presenting the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be the essence of the essay.

The body should give the essay problem in the first paragraph the second and third should contain the climax or problem-solving sentences. The fourth paragraph has the concluding characteristics of the essay problem.

The conclusion should not be an elaborated one. It should be to the point and complete. Just wrapping up the entire topic, briefing going through the entire essay topic.

New paragraph for new ideas

This is something your teachers have been telling you for the longest time. It is the biggest trick ever. Always use a new paragraph for new ideas. Try not to fit different ideas or conversations in the same paragraph. Cramming all the information in one big paragraph will just look unflattering to your reader.

Wrap up your scholarship essay well

Make sure you conclude the essay well. There shouldn’t be any cliffhangers since this is not story writing. The essay has a purpose to get you accepted in the college with a scholarship and keeping that motive in mind, you should make all the points clear within the essay.

You don’t want the reader to get irritated instead you want the reader to keep thinking about your delivery, clarity of sentences and captivating writing style.

 Extra tip: Re use an old essay

We have got an expert’s tip that might come in handy. In your high school years, you might have written some phenomenal essays that can be altered a little and used again. You can ask your teachers about this neat trick since there’s nothing wrong in re using your own material. Good Luck!