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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Great Electric Standing Desk with Drawers

A lot has been written and spoken about the poetical negative effects that are associated with sitting for extended hours. However, a standing desk can help alleviate the negative effects and assist you to live an active and healthy life. However, not all standing electric desks that have drawers have been built the same way, as some are considered better than others. Depending on what you need, there are standing desks that can satisfy different demands. The long list of these desks makes it somehow cumbersome when looking for the best desk that satisfies your requirements.

This is why we bring to you the beginner’s guide to help you when buying a great electric standing desk with drawers. Here are considerations that should help you get the right adjustable electric standing desk for your everyday use.

1. Select the right type of a standing desk

Electric desks are lifted by electric-powered adjustments and this can never be a hassle for most people. A great desk should make it easy for you to transition from sitting to standing and then get to a seating position. Those that you can easily change the height and other features through pressing a button are much better. Also, consider your weight, as well as the noise levels that are produced when you are adjusting your chair.  If you are working in a quieter office, you should try to go for options that produce minimal noise.

2. Look at the material

What material is your electric standing desk made from? Remember that some materials are durable while others are not. The durability aside, the best material should also offer you a fantastic esthetic appeal and should be environmentally friendly. Desks that are made from stainless steel are always the best because they are attractive, and can withstand years of use, and even abuse. Moreover, materials that help to promote environmental sustainability can be a better choice than those which don’t. This is why desks that are made from bamboo that is sustainably produced have become attractive.

3. Take into account the weight capacity

Some contemporary standing desks are not only beautiful but also offer some immense beauty. However, from how the modern brands are designed, it may make someone wonder if these brands actually can support the massive weight that can be put under them. Make sure that you ascertain the weight capacity of your standing desk model before you pay for it. The desk needs to have been tested and found capable of supporting the weight that has been listed.

4. Consider the minimum and maximum height

Your electric desk should be capable of being set up to suit a certain height. You should know that with time, even a small height difference may lead to neck pain, slouching, and wrist pain. While in a standing position, ensure that your forearms rest flat on the top of the table surface when in a straight standing position. When you are seated, your elbows, knees, and torso should create an angle of 90 degrees. Your feet should fully rest on the floor.