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A Guide To All The Layers Of Your Bed


We all know that a good night’s sleep is key to a productive day, but how many of us actually take the time to get acquainted with our bed? There are lots of layers to your average bed, and each one plays an important role in your comfort and overall slumber. In this post, we’ll explore all the different layers that make up your bed and explain what benefits they provide. No matter how advanced your current technology, your bed could still use a little updating. Most people would argue that the first step is always changing out your sheets, but this can get pricey. Read on to learn more!

Mattress Cover

This is one of the first stops because it helps protect against dust mites, allergens, and bacteria while providing support but not as much firmness as other options, such as an Original Mattress or pillow top. I recommend looking for a hypoallergenic cover, but unfortunately there is no one standard.


The main goal with sheets is to get an appropriate thread count that will keep you cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months. As long as they’re clean and dry, they should last a long time and also plan your mattress flip. It’s worth replacing them every few years if you can afford it.

  • Choose the Right Sheets

Sheets for bed have different fabrics that differ in terms customer feelings about Nectar, warmth and design. Are you a “kick the covers off” type of person? Try cool and crisp percale cotton sheets. Do you have a hard time sleeping with your eyes straying through the sheets? A super soft flannel can keep you snug. Whatever your style there’s a sheet material that’s ideal the way you want it.

  • Fitted Sheet

This is another popular step, but it’s time-consuming and takes up extra space in the linen closet. I suggest making the sheets at home or buying microfiber ones because they are more durable and can be easily bleached without taking a huge hit on the lifespan of your bedding.

  • Flat Sheet

This option is a bit of a step up because it provides more support than an ordinary fitted sheet. Luckily, this also saves you money as they are easier to find and cheaper to buy.

Bed Runner

Even though it’s not a bedding layer, I still thought it was worth mentioning because it is an easy way to add some style and color to any room. Throw pillows are also a great way to add some style without filling your room with too many accessories.

Coverlet or Bedspread

This layer is a great way to provide extra warmth during the winter months and can easily be added on top of any other layers of a bed. Just remember that you’ll have to wash this one more often than the rest of your bedding, so you might consider buying something that can be easily washed and dried.


This is a highly personal choice that you’ll need to do more research on. If you’re using this pillow as your head pillow, then I’d say it’s worth considering because it can provide the same amount of support. Just remember to wash the case regularly.

I still suggest looking into other options like memory foam or down. Not only will they provide the same amount of support and comfort, but they can be washed and dried more often, which is especially important if you tend to get sick often.

Mattress Topper

This is one of the most economical ways to update your bed without breaking the bank (or having any other negative effects). Just be sure that you buy a waterproof mattress topper  so that you don’t have to worry about leaks during the winter months.

Bed Skirt

This is a nice way to add a quality finish to your bed without spending too much money. Just be sure that you take extra care in protecting your mattress by laying the bed skirt over and around it.


A nice thick blanket is a great way to add comfort and warmth on top of your other options. Just remember that it will be easier for you to maintain compared with other options, but it can still be a little bit messy since you have to wash it more often.

Duvet Cover

This is a good quality blanket that doubles as a duvet cover if you choose the right size. Because they are usually made from cotton, they should maintain their color and shape pretty well over time. Just make sure that you take extra care not to overuse duvet covers because they can pull apart or rip relatively easily.


I would recommend investing in pillows made from memory foam or down for additional support, but even regular pillows can help provide support for back sleepers. Just remember to take care not to get any dust or dirt in them.


There are a lot of complicated things about your bed that you may not have known, but now that you do it’s time to make some changes. We’ve laid them all out for you so there’s no guessing game as to which sheets for pillow cases will work best for your needs and preferences. Now get back into those cozy warm covers and enjoy the rest of your night!