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A Supreme Islamic Product to Connect You to Allah: A Best Gift For Your Spouse

Muslims believe that nothing can happen in this world or after that without the permission of Allah. Islam teaches us to spread love and positivity in society. 

The most loveable relationship nears Allah is the relationship of husband and wife. The best way to increase love, affection, and respect for each other, husband and wife should exchange gifts. Choose an Islamic best gift for your spouse to let them know how much you have a love for Islam and him/her, for example, spouses can buy digital tasbeeh online and can gift each other. 

How you can make your relationship strong with your spouse?

Good Attitude: Husband or wife must have a positive attitude towards each other. You should accept each other completely and always say Alhamdulillah. If you are facing any shortcomings in your married life, you should forgive and forget that. According to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); if you dislike one characteristic of your spouse, you will be happy with another.  

Help: Islam tells us about the importance and necessity of men helping their wives. In Islam, it is also important to being a woman as a good mate and helper to her husband. To make a strong relationship, husband and wife should help each other in every situation of life. 

Trust: Every husband and wife should be trustworthy for each other. They should be each other secret keepers, never open their secrets to any other third person. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that on the Day of Judgement, the worst among all of you in the eye of Allah is the one who discloses his wife’s secret to others. 

Respect: If you will give respect to someone then you can get respect in back. This is a compulsory act for every single person. 

How you can make your relationship strong with your spouse?

Joy: Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to make happy and joyful his wife Ayesha (peace be upon her). She liked to race with him. 

Narrated by Aisha, Ummul Muminin:

“I raced with him (the Prophet) and I outstripped him on my feet. When I became fleshy, (again) I raced with him (the Prophet) and he outstripped me. He said: This is for that outstripping. (Sunan Abi Dawud)”

Forgiveness: The most important act in Islam is an act of forgiveness. Who does not forgive others, will not be forgiven by ALLAH. In a marriage relationship, husband and wife should forgive each other mistakes. 

Worships: Our Holy Prophet said that we should not make our homes like graveyards, offer some of Sunnah prayer at home with your spouse. It will make your relationship better and healthy.

What Islam Says About Spouse Relationship?

God has created a spouse for each of us. He also tells us the main goal of marriage is to find comfort in each other company. This world is full of trials and tribulations, for the believer, it is difficult to live in this world. Allah made partners for us so that we can find peace, comfort, and support with them. Allah says that “and He has placed between you love and mercy”. Many verses of the Quran show the importance of the relationship between husband and wife for example according to one verse; they are clothing for you, and you too are clothing for them.

Islamic Gifts for Husbands

Following is the list of Islamic gifts for your husband to make his day brighter. You can choose from these products as an Islamic anniversary gifts. 

  • Arabic Islamic Rings with the name of Allah
  • Set of kurta Pajama
  • Kufi Caps, Prayer caps
  • Arabic Headscarf 
  • An azan watch
  • Beard kit
  • Organic Beard Oil
  • Islamic Calligraphy
  • A bottle of good fragrance 
  • Silver-plated chains or bracelets
  • Digital finger tasbeeh  Qibla direction compass 
  • Quran and Quran bookmarks
  • Hajj or Umrah kits

Islamic Gifts for Wives

Following are the Islamic gifts for your beautiful Muslim wife:

  • Different colors of Hijab
  • Set of Abaya
  • Set of hand gloves and socks
  • Islamic wall art
  • Piece of Islamic decoration
  • Islamic jewelry like rings, a gold chain of Allah name necklace, gold and silver bracelets
  • Digital counter tasbeeh
  • An azan watch 
Why husbands and wives should exchange gifts?

A gift is a beautiful memory. It depends on you how you make it nice or worst. It all depends on the choice of your gift. Always buy a productive and useful gift for your spouse. Your gift should be a reflection of your love for your spouse. Choose a gift according to your partner’s taste. If she likes to worships Allah every time in a day, then you can choose a digital tasbeeh online for her, If your husband is fond of worshipping Allah, you can gift him a Quran or a tasbeeh counter. Always select a long-term user gift. Following are the reasons husbands and wives should exchange gifts:

  • It will help to let your spouse know you do care for him/ her. 
  • It will make easy for you to get to know more about likes and interest of your spouse. 
  • Giving a gift is the primary language of love. It will show your love and respect towards your husband.
  • Giving a gift will prepare you for an empty nest.
  • Do not make any expectations in any relationship. Expectations ruin the relationship. The less you expect from anyone, the more strong relationship you are going to have with them. So, if you are giving a digital gift to your spouse, do not expect to receive any gift back. 

To make your relation strong and healthy, exchanging gifts with each other is a good activity. It will increase the love between you, if you are going to buy a gift then why not choose an Islamic gift. To make yourself and your spouse better Muslims, you need to start practicing Islamic culture. It is not necessary to select an expensive gift. You can even gift food to your spouse or even a good look of love with respect. The gift is not about money, it’s all about your love and affection.