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Advantages of setting up business in Sharjah free zone HFZA

Entrepreneurs all around the world prefer Free Zone Sharjah for no petty reasons but for solid benefits like cost-effective business setup, best infrastructure, tax exemptions, and much more. You also can get budget-friendly land and labor and is available to all sizes of companies. They offer a well-developed infrastructure and 24-hour licensing services to help individuals get their businesses up and running quickly.

What are the Free Zones in Sharjah?

People around the world, especially young entrepreneurs are dying for Dubai Free Zone company formation. It is because of several reasons which include business-friendly rules and regulations, top-notch quality infrastructure,  cost-effective investments, and so on. Now lets us see what are the five free zones here in Sharjah:-

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZA)

HFZA was set up to incredibly help out small to medium enterprises in the year 1995. It is famous for the roadway, airways, and seaway connections they offer and is the gateway to flexibility, investment, and much more.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone)

SAIF Zone is very huge and houses around 6000 companies that come from around the world. This location is best if you want a connection from the east to the west.

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

SHAMS was created in the year 2017 with an intention to help the media industry grow. They also want to bring out the innovative minds of the world with the growth of the media field. The industry is not just for creative minds but also for other business industries.

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC FZ)

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is meant for publishing facilities that are available for the free zone regions. SBA otherwise Sharjah Book Authority manages the SPCFZ and covers around 400,000 sq. Meters.

 USA Regional Trade Centre (USA RTC)

This free zone is mainly to break the cultural as well as the trade relationships between the USA and UAE. Another bit of information you should know is that the USA regional trade centre wants to be the free zone in the UAE that is ahead in helping the growth and success of the business.

Benefits of having a business in Sharjah free zone

Now let’s discuss some real advantages of setting up a business in the Sharjah free zone. This will help you to come to the conclusion that you should not wait any longer to start a business there.

Benefits as foreign ownership

These benefits allow you to be the sole owner of a foreign company. You also don’t have to worry about involving someone outside the company.

Import and tax exemptions

If you are based around Sharjah free zones then one of the greatest advantages presented to you is to be ultimately free from duty on exports. Please note that it is to the countries that are at the part of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Yet another thing to notice is that the businessmen who are exporting to GCC countries are obliged to pay a certain amount of customs duties.

 Corporate tax exemption

Advantages that come with the corporate tax exemption is that for the companies that come under the free zones.

Profits and capital

Foreign investors settled their business in Sharjah free zone allowing them to transfer the corporate money. They can transfer back to their home country from the UAE.

Cheap workforce and simple hiring procedures

You can get a cheap workforce throughout the regions of Sharjah free zones. Both the recruiter and the workforce are enjoying the benefits of recruitment and labour laws.

Access to Visa

One thing that attracts businessmen to start a business in Sharjah free zone is by getting access to a certain number of visas. You can get access to it for your staff, family members like your wife, parents or children. You can also have access to the visa for your house worker or so. Either way, the visa you got can be easily attained and renewed without any trouble.

 Access to famous ports

You can easily go for ports that are well known as the Sharjah free zone gives you quick access to it.  You can not only get access to big ports but also to Sharjah international airport.

 Enormous energy supply

It is cheap and easy for you to get a large flow of energy if you are setting up the business in the Sharjah free zone.


If your company owns a particular asset or two then don’t worry all your details and assets are kept in close with confidence by the free zone authorities.


The infrastructure of the free zone is excellent in every way that it is sure to provide your company with whatever you need to settle and develop in Sharjah free zone. Whatever may be the business but you are sure to crack the business as with the enormous infrastructure benefits from the free zone area.

 No trade restrictions

You never get any trade barriers if you set up a business around the Sharjah free zone because your company will be free to trade with any other companies from an international level.


Sharjah free zones are very well known for their high earning potential, tax benefits, and liberal government policies. Finding and setting up a business in the area is simple but is a tedious process without careful planning and strong judgement. So in order to make it more feasible, you can contact the best business setup consultants in Dubai. They can help you come with the best business plans with perfect strategies. They can guide you throughout the  Sharjah free zone license to the final setting up process.