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Advantages Of Wholesale Security Cameras Over IP

Since the introduction of wholesale security cameras over IP systems, more and more people have switched from analog to IP systems, which begs the question: are there advantages to using an analog system over an IP system? Should we all switch to IP systems? Despite IP systems being touted as the best, there are still some advantages to using an analog CCTV system over an IP system.

The difference between analog and IP

An analog system consists of analog cameras connected to a DVR. This DVR is responsible for converting the images captur the cameras into a digital format that can be viewed on a monitor. All data transfer between these devices is done over coaxial cables.

In an IP system, IP cameras already record images in digital format, so there is no need for a DVR to convert them. Instead, the camera is connected to an NVR that stores the images. In addition, all data transfer is done over the connected network.

Why use an analog CCTV over IP system?

In the age of the Internet, it is understandable that most people would opt for IP. However, CCTV systems are not a universal solution. Some people prefer to use an analog over IP CCTV system for the following reasons.

wholesale security cameras

Lower costs. While it is true that the cost of wholesale security cameras systems has reduced considerably over the years, they can still be somewhat more expensive than analog systems. If you’re looking for a quality system and don’t need a lot of fancy features, an analog system will do the job for a fraction of the price.

Installation is simple. IP systems are easier to install because they require less wiring, but analog systems still win in terms of simplicity. Unlike IP, analog systems do not need to connect to a network or configured. In most cases, the setup process is simply a matter of installing the cameras and plugging them in.

Easy bandwidth: If bandwidth is an issue, an analog CCTV system will be the best choice. An analog system can operate without a network connection, so it will not take up bandwidth. However, even if they are connect, they will still take up less bandwidth than IP. Because the bandwidth will only use for remote viewing and not for data transfer, as IP does.

Home CCTV security systems

Familiarity. The home CCTV security systems existed long before IP systems. This familiarity means it is easier to find qualified vendors and professionals who can help you use the system.

Although IP systems are more suitable for large-scale applications. Analog systems are still need in our world. Everyone has different security needs, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for others. If you need a CCTV system, contact us. We have experienced sales consultants who can help you find the right system for your unique needs.

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Audio is an important feature when it comes to security cameras. Being able to record audio provides a complete story of what happened, rather than just recording images. Today, however, cameras that can transmit audio are becoming popular due to their versatility. Here are some ways to use two-way audio security cameras.

How two-way audio security cameras work

Two-way audio is a feature that allows security cameras to receive and transmit audio. These cameras will be equipped with a speaker and a microphone; the microphone picks up sound while the speaker outputs it. A one-way audio camera will only be able to receive audio, which means that it will only have one microphone. The microphone will allow the user to hear what is happening through the camera, but that is all. With a two-way audio security camera, users will be able to hear and speak through the camera, just like an intercom system.


The biggest reason why more and more people are choosing to use two-way audio is that they are better at deterring crime. Having security cameras outside your home is already a deterrent, but sometimes it is not enough for some criminals. Some of them can see the cameras, but continue to act because they believe that no one is currently monitoring them. Therefore, by the time the footage is reviewed and discovered, it is long gone. With two-way audio, users can audibly warn any criminals that they are being watched, effectively scaring them into doing nothing more.

However, two-way audio is not always use to communicate with malicious people. it use to talk to anyone who stops by your property. For example, you can tell a door-to-door salesman that you are not interest without having to open your front door. You can also give instructions to the delivery person about where to drop off your package when you are not there to handle it.

Two-way audio security cameras are also use inside the home to communicate. With family members. If you have pets that you want to check on while you are away, you can monitor them through the camera and verbally warn them if they seem to be in trouble. These cameras are also great for checking on children. And elderly family members who are left at home.

Some legal considerations

While two-way audio security cameras are useful, there are some legal guidelines you should consider before installing them. If you want to use any camera with audio, be sure to check your state’s laws regarding eavesdropping. Some states require consent from both parties being record. While others only require consent from one party. The audio feature is beneficial, but only when used in the appropriate context.

If you are interest in a two-way audio security camera, contact us today! RipperOnline can help you find the right camera. We can help you find the right camera and guide you through the setup process.