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All you need to know about domain registration

When starting an online blog or a website, the most initial step is to register a domain name. It is a simple task but beginners find it difficult due to lack of knowledge.

In this article, we will discuss all the information related to domain registration and the terms commonly used.

What is a domain and domain extension?

A domain is the name of the website that is used by visitors to find it on the internet. For example, Serversea is the domain name. Another most common term is the domain extension. In,  .pk is the extension. Apart from this, .com, .uk, .org, and various other domain extensions are also available.

How to pick a domain?

A domain name represents the website therefore it should be picked precisely. You can brainstorm or use domain name generators to find an appropriate domain name. Moreover, a good domain name is short, easy to pronounce, correctly spelled, and has no numbers, hyphens, and characters.

Sometimes, your chosen domain name is already taken. It means that the website you picked has already been purchased by someone else. In this scenario, you can pay extra money to the domain owner and grasp the domain or skip it and find another domain.

Whereas, some domains are expired and you can also purchase them. But it is recommended to go with a new domain because you might not know the drawbacks and history of an expired domain name.

How to register a domain?

You can register your domain from any domain registrar. Various reliable domain registration companies are available in Pakistan online. Once you have picked the domain name, it’s time for you to visit the website of the domain registrar.

In the case of, go to the website and then click domain registration. Pick the domain you choose, share the required details, and then pay for the domain. After making payment online, the domain name will be allotted to you.

Don’t forget to add an SSL certificate with the domain name. SSL certificate keeps the website safe and out of the reach of hackers.

How much does domain registration cost?

Domain registration usually costs per year. The price ranges from $10 to 15. However, the price may differ from company to company. Some companies offer a discount on two-year domain registration.

In addition, Serversea Hosting offers a lifetime free domain name along with the purchase of a web hosting Plan. Some other domain registrars also offer discounts with hosting.

Subdomains are usually free of cost. But it is the property of the company such as WordPress, Blogger, etc. Therefore, a good website must have a unique and brandable domain name. It develops the customer’s trust and helps you gain more visibility.


Domain registration is the crucial step towards building a website. Choose a reliable domain registrar such as and get your domain name. Its domain name is charged per year and after that, you will be required to renew your domain name. Moreover, the domain is representative of the website so pick a domain that describes your website or business.

Unique domain names are good for branding whereas keywords might help the website rank in search engines. It is recommended to check the domain on social media, and search engines so you can check whether it is used by any other company or not.

Lastly, domain names are short and must be picked precisely. It should not contain any numbers or hyphens. Register your domain name as soon as you pick one. Don’t forget to check the history of the domain name and Whois details to avoid legislation issues.