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Andriol: what it is and how to use it

Andriol is a drug widely used in bodybuilding. It was recently used, around the end of the 80’s. The drug is an anabolic steroid whose active ingredient is testosterone undecanoate. It is available in capsules and injections. Most often it is taken orally.

According to Adriola reviews, it is a popular steroid. The main reason is the reduced toxicity and, accordingly, a more favorable effect on the human organism than other analogues. Consumers also note the reduced presence of flavouring. The drug is not given to women. The only exception is the group of women with pathologically elevated estrogen levels, or due to diseases (uterine myoma, etc.). Ordine nel negozio store at the best price in Italy on our website.

How to use

This drug is primarily intended for hormone replacement therapy for ailments caused by testosterone deficiency. Sometimes treatment with this drug is prescribed for a condition such as osteoporosis. But this only happens if it is caused by an androgen deficiency in men.

Each specific case of taking Andriol in bodybuilding is considered on an individual basis. The reason is that the suggested therapeutic doses (10mg per day) are suitable for men with very low testosterone. Such a small dose does not affect the man’s appearance. According to the doctors’ reviews, “Andriol” for power athletes is accepted for taking 240 mg per day, in the morning and once a day, sometimes the substance is divided into 2-3 doses.

Andriol works well in combination with steroid tablets like oxandrolone. The oxandrolone prezzo on our site is the best in all of Italy.

Reviews about Andriol

Studying the reviews of “Andriol” (in bodybuilding it found wide distribution), experts agreed that it is unsafe. Especially beginner athletes begin to take this substance. The drug’s effect on the body belies the popular belief that it is safe. The daily dose of 240 g is large and, accordingly, affects the human body.

Feedback about “Andriol” for male bodybuilders is that it is often used to gain weight. For each person, this drug acts differently: someone gains muscle mass very quickly, while for others it has no effect.