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Anja Savcic Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Anja Savcic is a Bosnian actress, well-known for her spectacular acting in Loudermilk (2017), Nancy Drew (2019), and Big Sky (2020). Anja was born on 27 November 1992 in a famous city in Bosnia, a country in the Balkans. Anja is one of the most famous and talented actresses in Bosnia.

Anja Savcic Personal Info

Anja Savcic was born on 27 November 1992, and she is around 29 years old as of 2022. Anja belongs to Catholicism, her birth sign is Saggitarius, and her nationality is Bosnian. Her height is above 5 feet 8 inches, and her weight is around 61 kg or above. Anja belongs to the white ethnicity and has long blonde hair, and her eye color is light brown, which increases her beauty and makes her different.

Anja Savcic Family and Relationship

Anja Savcic didn’t share any information about her parents, siblings, relationship, and dating life on screen.

Anja Savcic Early Life and Education

Anja Savcic was born and grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and she completed her early education at a local school there. Anja has done her graduation from a renowned university in Bosnia. Anja was passionate about acting and filming from her school days, and she wanted to be an actress.

Anja was a good performer in school, as she performed at many school functions and other events, from where she gained a lot of appreciation from her schoolmates, which encouraged her to act. After graduation, she decided to begin her career as an actress, and she worked very hard for it. She played many short roles in commercials and theatre, from where she polished her acting skills.

After working hard, Anja finally got a role in a television series, Bionic Woman, in 2007, from where her acting career began. Later, Anja played many roles in films and television series and became a successful actress.

Anja Savcic Work

Anja Savcic started her work as an actress in 2007, but she made her appearance through her first movie, I Love You, Beth Cooper, in 2009. Anja worked on more than 30 film projects, and here is the list of her work.

  1. Bionic Woman (2007).
  2. I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009).
  3. Transparency (2010).
  4. Repeaters (2010).
  5. Fringe (2010).
  6. Sisters & Brothers (2011).
  7. Deck the Halls (2011).
  8. Beast of the Alamo (2013).
  9. Detention (2013).
  10. Extraterrestrial (2014).
  11. Paper Angels (2014).
  12. The Flash (2014).
  13. Strange Empire (2015).
  14. Life (2015).
  15. iZombie (2015).
  16. Motive (2015).
  17. Supernatural (2015).
  18. Tales from the Darkside (2015).
  19. Exposed (2015).
  20. The X Files (2016).
  21. Under Fire (2016).
  22. Frequency (2016).
  23. Incontrol (2017).
  24. Crash Pad (2017).
  25. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2017).
  26. The Magicians (2018).
  27. Sacred Lies (2018).
  28. Blackout (2018).
  29. Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story (2019).
  30. Loudermilk (2020).
  31. Nancy Drew (2021).
  32. Be Still (2021).
  33. The Now (2021).
  34. Big Sky (2022).

Anja Savcic Net Worth

Anja Savcic is an actress, and it is the only source of her income. Anja’s net worth is approximately $1 million or round above.

Anja Savcic on Social Media

Anja Savcic is active on social media, where she posts her photos and video. Here is the list of Anja’s social media accounts.

Anja Savcic Instagram

Anja Savcic is active on Instagram and has more than 11k followers as of 2022.

Anja Savcic Twitter

Anja Savcic is active on Twitter and has more than 2k followers as of 2022.

Some Facts About Anja Savcic

Here are some facts about Anja Savcic.

  • Anja is around 29 years old as of 2022, and she celebrates her birthday on 27 November.
  • Anja gained fame through her role in Nancy Drew in 2019.
  • Anja has worked on more than 30 film projects, and she is one of the most famous actresses in Bosnia.
  • Anja’s nationality is Bosnian, and her net worth is above $1 million.