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Are Internet forums technically social networks?

The Internet has become a very essential tool for us to communicate with people all around the world. There were places where the internet was not easily accessible but now thanks to service providers like HughesNet internet that the satellite connections now easily connect the rural areas to developed locations. Technology is improving and it is becoming easier for people to connect from any place in the world.

Internet forums and social networking have become common and people share their ideas and hold discussions regarding various topics. Let’s discuss in detail what an internet forum is and how it works and differentiates from a social network. 

Internet Forums

An internet forum is a location where people may share their thoughts on a variety of issues. Its members can participate in discussions and read and respond to messages posted by other users. A forum can cover a wide range of topics and foster a sense of virtual community among its participants. Forums are sometimes known as a discussion group or bulletin board, and they differ from blogs in that the latter is usually written by a user or web administrator, and it usually only enables answers from other users about blog material. All members of a forum can usually post and initiate new threads.

These internet forums also include videos, images, and download links that serve as a small portal on a certain topic. Some forums require registration with a username and password, however, some offer an entirely anonymous platform as well.

How does an Internet forum work?

In most cases, prospective members must first register before joining a group and sending a message. This user must adhere to certain online etiquette guidelines, such as treating other users with respect and refraining from using foul language. When a member is accepted, the administrator or moderator usually chooses their username and password. Each message usually includes an avatar, photograph, or graphic provided by the member next to the username.

Threads are a type of conversation in a forum that consists of messages written by participants. Users can usually amend their messages, create new topics, and change their profiles. A general profile displays optional information about each forum member, such as their location and interests.

The discussions can also be participated in by the forum administrator or moderator. An administrator can edit, move, or delete talks as needed; typically, its role is to supervise and lead the debate to ensure that the forum’s rules are obeyed.

What are Social Networks?

People who engage in social networking tend to have a more personal or a business aspect to it. As a personal initiative, people use various forms of media to discuss their lives and interests on social networking sites. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social networks for this form of familiar engagement. Although these and other social networks can be used for business reasons, particularly marketing, social networks for business networking exist.

Social networking mainly has the foundation concept of following and followers. People follow others depending on what they want to see. Instead of focusing on a single issue, social networks allow users to organize around a person’s relationships or hobbies. People who know or desire to meet each other will have several interests in common. These are fantastic tools for connecting people who share common interests and sharing information.

Are internet forums social networks?

Even though they offer more or less similar services there is a significant difference between both. Some aspects make them distinctive from one and another. The most significant distinction between social networks and internet forums is that these forums are made up of people from all walks of life. These are the most intriguing to analyze from a social and anthropological aspect since they are made up of people who have probably never met before but are brought together by a common interest or objective. People join online communities for a variety of reasons, such as a shared interest in the same things or a similar way of life.

Since social networks give a more personal view of one’s life (of those who like to share), internet forums are a platform where people are free to talk about general topics or even contemporary happenings around the world.


It’s crucial to understand the many distinct tools in your toolbox because each one serves a different purpose. Before diving into the tools, figure out who your community is, where they are, how they use social media, and, most importantly, what they’re talking about.