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Ben Kissel news

Ben Kissel’s news sparks speculation amid hiatus from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ and unsubstantiated allegations. Ben Kissel’s abrupt hiatus and rumors about his departure from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ reveal a convoluted story. There are many theories on his disappearance, from personal to professional. Kissel’s vocal support for mental health awareness suggests that his absence was related to addressing his health.

Kissel’s resignation is further complicated by unsubstantiated charges. Though unproven, these assertions have stoked fan and media conjecture. The enigma of Ben Kissel’s disappearance highlights the challenges of public scrutiny and personal problems.

Who’s Ben Kissel?

 Podcaster Ben Kissel is best known for hosting ‘The Last Podcast on the Left.’ Ben and co-hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski have built a loyal audience by discussing true crime, horror, and the occult. Their unique chemistry drives the podcast’s success.

Fans are worried about Ben Kissel’s show hiatus. Many fans and co-hosts appreciate his decision to pursue his mental and physical health. During this break, unverified rumors about his relationship behavior have complicated matters. Ben remains a major podcaster despite these controversies, with fans eagerly awaiting his return.

Ben Kissel Profile Summary

Full Name:Ben Kissel
Date of Birth:July 21, 1981
Age (as of 2023):42 years
Profession:Podcast Host
Podcast:‘The Last Podcast on the Left’
Co-Hosts:Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski
Notable Work:True crime, horror, and supernatural discussions

So what happened to Ben Kissel?

The popular podcast host and founder of ‘The Last Podcast on the Left,’ Ben Kissel, recently announced his hiatus, surprising many listeners. During an episode, his co-hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski announced that Ben is taking time off to focus on his mental and physical health. The announcement stressed self-care and assistance and promised Ben would return.

The official explanation emphasizes Ben’s need for a sabbatical for his health, but there are also unsubstantiated charges about his past relationship behavior. His previous partner’s assertions have complicated matters. Note that she hasn’t named Ben in her allegations. Ben’s departure from the show may have been impacted by these allegations.

Fox News Ben Kissel 


Ben Kissel’s Fox News role is unknown as of now. Ben Kissel is most known for hosting ‘The Last Podcast on the Left,’ but any Fox News collaborations or advancements would require updates.

The Ben Kissel Situation 

Ben Kissel’s disappearance from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ has supporters and listeners wondering why. His co-hosts, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, said he’s taking a sabbatical for emotional and physical wellness. The formal statement emphasizes self-care, but unsubstantiated reports about his prior relationship behavior complicate matters. Ben Kissel’s hiatus appears to be related to his health, with any controversies being speculations. His fans have largely supported his decision to focus on his mental health, demonstrating his deep connection with them.

Ben Kissel Update: Last Podcast on the Left Host’s Departure and Abuse Allegations

Ben Kissel’s sudden departure from The Last Podcast on the Left surprises and worries fans. This article discusses his departure, including his relationship with Taylor Moon and abuse charges. We’ll update fans while they wait for clarification.

The Rise of Ben Kissel: From Bud Light Limes to Trouble 

Ben Kissel, Last Podcast on the Left’s voice of reason, has changed throughout time. He was initially a straight-laced comedian who dated Brooke Rogers. His appearance changed, with broader cheeks and a bushy beard. His separation from Rogers and other events are speculated to have caused this turn.

Ben Kissel’s Fight: Mental and Physical Health Treatment 

Kissel announced on September 13 that he will seek “mental health and physical health.” Fans suspected he was attending treatment, but something was happening in his life. After his breakup with Taylor Moon, Kissel called the relationship “long-distance.” This relationship made many wonder if these events were linked.

Taylor Moon’s Abuse Claims 

Taylor Moon referenced a traumatic event on social media after their split. She mentioned being pinned to a bed and insulted but did not name Kissel. Moon described the alleged abuse on the Friends with Davey YouTube channel, including a violent Las Vegas confrontation with Kissel. She felt quite uncomfortable when Kissel pushed her down and placed his forehead against hers. These disclosures have shaken The Last Podcast on the Left fans.

Other Women’s Allegations and the Latest Left Reaction Podcast 

Rolling Stone interviewed more women with similar stories to Moon’s, implicating Kissel. Some of these women stated that The Last Podcast on the Left cast members knew about these charges in real-time. Fans wonder if the network and podcast are avoiding the incident to avoid cancelation.

Ben Kissel’s Denial and Statement 

Ben Kissel opens out about his alcoholism and his inclination to connect with trauma sufferers in a Rolling Stone interview. He strongly disputes Taylor Moon’s claims of verbal and physical abuse, saying they mostly communicated via texts, phone calls, and infrequent in-person meetings, typically with Moon starting fights. Kissel claims he has never physically or verbally mistreated Moon or any other woman. Despite obstacles, his message promotes love and compassion.

Ben Kissel: Left’s Last Podcast Response 

The Last Podcast on the Left has only mentioned Ben Kissel’s rehab as the reason for his absence, not the abuse claims against him. The podcast’s and network’s fans eagerly await more remarks or actions to address the severe claims.

Ben Kissel’s Personal Life

Taylor, Ben Kissel’s girlfriend 

There’s little info on Ben Kissel’s girlfriend Taylor. It appears that Ben Kissel’s personal life, particularly his romances, has not been widely addressed. This shows his preference for personal privacy. Updates or adjustments to his relationships would require newer and more specific information.

Ben Kissel Spouse 

Ben Kissel is not widely known to be married. His marital status may have altered since then, but there is no evidence. Ben Kissel’s personal life, especially his marital status, has been kept private, indicating his preference for seclusion.

Twitter Ben Kissel 

Ben Kissel may use Twitter, as @BenKissel is mentioned. Public personalities like Ben Kissel use Twitter to share their ideas, interact with fans, and stay in touch. To access his Twitter account or view his latest tweets and interactions, visit @BenKissel on Twitter.

Ben Kissel Mental Health 

Ben Kissel left ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ to focus on his mental health. His co-hosts stressed self-care and treatment in their statement. His decision emphasizes the necessity of being open about mental health and focusing on healing and progress.


Q: What led to Ben Kissel’s hiatus from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’?

Ben Kissel took a break from the podcast to prioritize his mental and physical health. The decision was announced by his co-hosts, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski.

Q: Are there any allegations against Ben Kissel?

Unsubstantiated allegations regarding Ben Kissel’s past behavior in relationships have surfaced, but he has denied them.

Q: What is Ben Kissel’s response to the allegations?

Ben Kissel strongly refutes the allegations, emphasizing that he has never mistreated any woman physically or verbally. He has also opened up about his struggles with alcoholism and his commitment to mental health.

Q: Has ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ addressed the situation?

The podcast has acknowledged Ben Kissel’s hiatus, citing his need for rehab, but has not directly addressed the abuse allegations against him.


Fans are curious about Ben Kissel’s sabbatical from ‘The Last Podcast on the Left’ and the claims against him. The podcast has focused on Kissel’s self-care and treatment, but the unsubstantiated charges complicate the matter. Mental health awareness and getting help are shown by Kissel’s denial of these claims and commitment to improving his mental health. Fans await clarification and action from all parties.

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