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Ben Prendergast Biography


Ben Prendergast is a famous actor and producer, comprehended for God of War: Ragnarök in 2022, Apex Legends in 2019, and The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special in 2020. He has been; wedded to Ngaire Dawn Fair since July 23, 2020.

  • Gender: Male
  • Known for: Acting

Ben Prendergast Bio

Ben Prendergast is a famous Australian actor and producer established in Los Angeles. Famous as Tyr in God of War Ragnarök, Fuse in Apex Legends, General Hux and Darth Maul in Star Wars Resistance and The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, Patroclus in Hades, he has also emerged in the myriad flick and TV projects comprising Preacher (AMC), Predestination, Frontier (NBC), Offspring, Doctor Blake, and Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries.

He has also performed considerably in the theatre: such as The Distance for Melbourne Theatre site, The Flick for Queensland Theatre site, The One for 45 Downstairs, Dreamsong for Theatreworks, and presentations for the favored Red Stitch Actors Theatre, where he is also an ensemble member and conducted in The Antipodes, Incognito, Uncle Vanya, Dead Centre/Sea Wall, The Flick, The Flock, and the Nest, NSFW, Straight, Midsummer, and The Pride.

In 2016 he was granted Australia’s Green-Room Best Actor Honor for Simon Stephen’s Sea Wall.

The Sojourn

Prendergast hooked The Sojourn sometime before the departure of the pilot episode at the end of the year 2018, delivering the vocalist for Mathias Croft.

Crew Role

Ben delivers the vocalist for Mathias Croft in Season 1.


  1. 2022- God of War (Video Game)
  2. 2018- A Simple Question (Short) (completed)
  3. 2022- Horizon Forbidden West (Video Game)
  4. 2020-2021 The Sojourn Audio Drama (TV Series)
  5. 2021- Vanguard (Video Game)
  6. 2021- Mylk (Short)
  7. 2021- The Frontier (Video Game)
  8. 2020- The Lego Star Wars… (TV Short)
  9. 2020- Bye Bye Blue (Short)
  10. 2019- Star Wars Resistance (TV Series)
  11. 2019- Birth of a Pomegranate (Short)  
  12. 2019- Preacher (TV Series)
  13. 2019- Where Blood Lies (Short)
  14. 2019- Apex Legends (Video Game)
  15. 2018- Hades (Video Game)
  16. 2018- Dying for A Laugh (Short)
  17. 2016- Spirit of the Game
  18. 2015- Jack and Franki (TV Movie)
  19. 2014- William Kelly’s War
  20. 2014- Predestination
  21. 2013- Martha Arthur (Short)
  22. 2013- Leongatha (TV Series)
  23. 2013- The Doctor Blake Mysteries (TV Series)
  24. 2012- The Frontier (TV Movie)
  25. 2012- The Marker (Short)
  26. 2012- Last Dance
  27. 2012- Australia on Trial (TV Mini-Series)
  28. 2012- Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (TV Series)
  29. 2012- It’s Not You… (TV Series)
  30. 2011- Post-Apocalyptic Man (Short)
  31. 2011- Stop (Short)
  32. 2011- The Family Mills (Short)
  33. 2011- Rush (TV Series)
  34. 2011- Winners & Losers (TV Series)
  35. 2010- Punch Drunk (Short)
  36. 2010- The Anniversary (Short)
  37. 2010- The Partridge & the… (TV Series)
  38. 2010- Offspring (TV Series)
  39. 2010- Tangle (TV Series)
  40. 2010- Satisfaction (TV Series)
  41. 2009- Message from the CEO (Short)
  42. 2009- The Accidental Defrosting of… (Short)
  43. 2009- One in a Million (Short)