Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Betting on sports has never been easier than on Pin-Up

In fact, there is nothing easier than placing bets on the BC Pin-Up website. However, newcomers to the field of betting can be a little confused, because this is an introduction to new tools and algorithms. So where should you start your Indian bookmaker Pin Up bet journey?

How to start betting on sports?

  • It is impossible and not necessary to place bets on sports on the BC website without registration. This is quite simple to explain, because it is practically impossible to do. Because without registration, the user does not have a gaming account. It is not even just a question of replenishing the gaming account, but of its availability. However, even without a single hryvnia in the gaming account, it is also impossible to bet on sports, unless the user has a free bet for registration or verification on the BC Pin-Up website.
  • When the bettor has passed registration and verification, you can start placing bets in two possible modes. You can bet on sports in prematch or live mode. You can not choose, but put two at once. If it is a pre-match, then the bet is made before the start of the sports competition. It is not so important when exactly, the main thing is that the match has not yet started. Another option is real-time betting. To bet in live mode, you need access to the live stream. After all, without a live broadcast, any bet on sports in advance is a losing one.
  • If you have decided on the mode, you can choose the type of sport and the event on which the bettor plans to bet his deposit money. But everything just begins with the choice of the event. Next, you need to make a choice about the size of the coefficient. Therefore, beginners need to know at least a little something about betting so as not to bet blindly.
  • The next stage is the selection of the amount. You can choose the minimum bet size, but this is not the only possible choice. There is an Ordinary or System coupon. Therefore, you can bet on one event, or choose several results at once so as not to lose. You can choose the amount offered by the system or offer your own. The main thing is that this amount should not be lower than that offered by BC. There is both a minimum and a maximum rate. When the user clicks Place a bet, the bet has already been placed.

Can I bet on sports from my phone?

Of course, you can use the capabilities of the mobile version, but bettors prefer the mobile application. It is much easier for regular users of phones or tablets to find the BC they need if there is a mobile application at hand. To use the mobile application, it must be downloaded and registered in advance. If the user has previously registered through a PC, then it is enough to enter the phone number and confirm the login by entering the code received by the user in SMS. The user is already familiar with the algorithm of actions.

To make sure, what information is vital for a bettor? The bettor already has all the necessary information if he has registered and made at least his first bet on sports. But you need to find that registration is a fairly quick procedure than verification. To pass the verification, you need to provide a scanned copy of the user’s documents, such as a passport, driver’s license. 

It takes at least 24 hours or several days to verify the documents. However, without verification of a personal account, there may be difficulties in withdrawing the winnings from the BC website. These are not artificially created obstacles, but a normal security system. 

After all, we are talking about financial transactions with real money. Despite the fact that there is always a chance to win, there is also a risk of losing, and the user can also lose his own money due to carelessness and violation of the rules of using the site. Therefore, the verification must be completed immediately to avoid a situation with a delay in replenishing the gaming account or withdrawing money from it.