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Canon MG3620 Inkjet Printer Shows A Not Responding Error. Can I Fix It?

The Canon MG3620 is a wireless all-in-one and advanced printing feature printer. It is usually use in the home, business, & organization. In today’s time, everyone needs a printer to copy and print their documents. And also in today’s time, if you go anywhere today, then first of all he asks you for the documents. So for this, the documents have to be copy and print. But everyone prefers only a wireless printer which can be easily connected to the mobile phone, you can operate it even from a distance. Then, for this, you can buy a Canon MG3620 Inkjet Printer. Because it is completely wireless and works all the functions such as Print, copy, scan, & Fax. The powerful printing option is there in this printer by which you quickly print high-quality documents.

If you wish to print the documents from your iPhone, tablet, Android, or tablet then you can easily print them with the mobile app. There is an app for this printer that you can install and you can easily print your essential documents from your phone. However, with the App, you can also perform the canon pixma mg3620 setup.  

Some Reasons: why is my Canon MG3620 Inkjet Printer Shows A Not Responding Error

Sometimes the MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer shows a not responding error then there are many reasons to show a not responding error. The problem with the all-in-one printer is as follows.

  • Network connection not proper between computer & MG3620 printer
  • Choose incorrect USB port 
  • Printer driver’s problems 
  • Incorrect printer problems
  • Not install sheets in the input tray
  • Power adapter faulty
  • Overheating issue

Some steps to fix my Canon MG3620 Inkjet Printer Shows A Not Responding Error

If you really wish to fix the not responding error in my wireless printer then you can easily fix it manually. If you want to solve this problem yourself, then you can easily solve this problem by following some steps given below. There are some troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem in an accurate manner.

Verify the cable connection

If the wireless all-in-one printer shows a non-responding error then you may need to verify the cable connection. Because many times the cable connection is wrong. A broken wire or a useless wire may also occur due to a wrong cable connection. If the wire you are using is broken or goat then you will not be able to have a cable connection so that your printer will show the issue. To fix this problem, you want to use the right cable and then apply it to the printer. You can also verify the power outlet, if the power outlet does not receive the power then this power outlet doesn’t provide the power to the printer. Then, you can modify the printer from this power outlet. Afterward, the not responding error accurately solves it. 

Reposition the MG3620 printer position

Sometimes the position of the wireless MG3620 all-in-one printer is wrong then the not responding issue comes. If you wish to fix the issue then you need to reposition the printer. Because sometimes you keep your printer in such a place, but that area is a village, due to which there are chances of your printer heating up too. If your printer shows a not responding issue, then you securely resolve the place of your wireless printer. You select the cool area for your printer. Then the problem definitely solves it. 

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Disable the security suite & firewall

If the security suite or firewall is enable then your printer is not working well. Not responding problems are cause in your wireless printer then you check the firewall & security suite. If you really wish to check the setting then you visit the setting of this printer and surely check the security suite. The security suite setting is enable, then you can disable this setting with the security suite option. If the firewall setting is enable then you can disable it. After that, the problem of not responding will be solve. 

Verify the USB ports of the Canon MG3620 Inkjet Printer

The Canon MG3620 wireless all-in-one printer completely supports the USB port. Sometimes the USB ports of this printer are not working then your computer is not connected to this wireless printer. Sometimes the USB ports are accurate but the USB cable is faulty or damaged. If the USB cable is faulty then the connection is not made. Your wireless printer shows an error. If you really fix the not responding issue, you need to verify the USB port or USB cable. If the USB ports are damage then you should buy the printer and buy a pantum printer

Update the wireless inkjet printer driver 

If the driver of the canon MG3620 wireless printer is outdated then the not responding error comes. If you really wish to solve the not responding issue, you need to update the driver of the wireless printer.

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