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Classroom assassination season 1 episode (1-3) Summary

In the first episode, the teacher of class 3-E is flying to school. Students complain that he is too fast and that simultaneously shooting at him is ineffective. He calls class after they have put away their guns and BBs. Karasuma is a member of the Japanese Defense Ministry. He gives the class the order to kill the monster fake drivers license 2022. The creature asserts that it is from Earth. Like the moon, the beast will destroy Earth in March. Nagisa Nakamura shoots Karasuma Kunugigaoka as the flashback ends. The instructor requests that she stand in the back and reflect. The instructor asserts that he can transform the moon into a crescent. Nagisa informs them that they have one year to murder their teacher, or else the planet will be destroyed. Terasaka instructs Nagisa to meet with him and his accomplices to discuss their assassination scheme. Terasaka gives Nagisa a tiny bag and tells him not to mess up. The teacher informs Nagisa that they are in Class E. Kunugigaoka’s E-as-in-End Class. The instructor’s pallid face shows exhaustion. Nagisa stands with his poetry and approaches while concealing a knife and paper. Terasaka, Muramatsu, and Yoshida ask him about Nagisa. His fury causes his features to darken. He then speeds at Mach 20 through the city. He returns with the house nameplates Terasaka, Yoshida, Muramatsu, and others. Nagisa enjoys being struck at Mach 20 and complimented with tentacles. Kayano believes their instructor is invincible, hence the name “Korosensei.” Nagisa states that they are enrolled in an assassination class with Korosensei.

In the second episode, Koro-sensei, our alien yellow octopus teacher, relaxes behind the school. Karasuma asks the students if they have any tips for eliminating their New York-based target. Kaede Kayano and Nagisa review Sugino’s aborted assassination attempt. After school, Nagisa asks Koro-sensei why he travelled to New York to murder Sugino. Nagisa finds that Sugino has been kicked off the baseball squad due to his sluggish pitches. The instructor of Nagisa compared Sugino’s shoulder muscles to those of a major leaguer and stated that he was incapable of throwing fastballs. He urges Sugino to develop his own assassination strategy. Koro-sensei, Nagisa and Kaede’s teacher, confronts Sugino in the episode’s opening segment. Nagisa urges him to let Sugino attempt to murder him, prompting their teacher to chuckle and inquire whether he has learned his lesson. Nagisa prepares a treat by shaving ice from the North Pole, but he is oblivious to the students behind him. Nagisa believes they would be able to defeat him; otherwise, they would not be able to face him. A suspended student receives a mission briefing in a bonus scene before rejoining his class.

In the third episode of Assassination Classroom, Koro-sensei and Karasuma observe the students participating in physical education. While counting, students swing swords in synchrony. Karasuma teaches murder techniques in PE. Koro-sensei is told to play in the sandbox, which he does while crying. He claims his P.E. classes were well-liked by the kids, which they deny by pointing out that he attempted to teach them to move at Mach 20 while practising cat’s cradle. Karasumi risks getting hit by students. They may depart earlier. Nobody attacks him, so they return to class (and Koro-sensei even has a traditional tea for himself as they attempted to hit Karasuma). And then the theme music!! It’s great. After meeting Koro-sensei (who didn’t know Karma was joining them), Karma attempts to shake his hand, but it turns to mush. Karma then attempts to take him down with a knife, seeing how far Koro-sensei jumped back. Karma attempts to dethrone Koro-sensei by releasing anti-“me” BBs and stealing his gelato from Italy. The episode ends effectively. On the second day of class, Karma attempts to shoot or stab Koro-sensei again, but he avoids his attacks and cleans up his student, painting his nails or putting him in a pink, frilly apron during cooking class. Karma is impacted by all of this, and he obsesses over the prospect of vanquishing their extraterrestrial sensei until he concocts a strategy that he is confident will be successful and then puts it into action when Koro-sensei and Nagisa check on him. If Koro-sensei lets me perish, he will no longer be able to call himself a teacher. If, on the other hand, he tries to preserve my life, I shall kill him. Karma has a memory of a teacher who praised him and encouraged him whenever he did right. When Karma protects a student from Class E from being tormented, the teacher tells the youngster that he can join the other students who have been rejected. Because of this, Karma does not consider Koro-sensei to be a trustworthy instructor. He is saved by Koro-sensei, who equips his tentacles with sufficient stickiness so that Karma can be captured without being killed in the process. Karma asserts that he will murder Koro-sensei, but the two parties’ sensei is skeptical of this assertion.

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