Thursday, July 11, 2024
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Cryptocurrency Wallet MetaMask is going to add Instant Bank-to-Crypto Transfers

This week, ConsenSys, MetaMask’s parent company, announced that Cryptocurrency Wallet MetaMask is going to integrate with fintech firm Sardine, through which the users can easily turn their fiat into crypto.

With MetaMask’s this integration with Sardine, users will be able to fund their crypto wallets via bank transfers instantly. While previously, the users had to wait for traditional fund transfers to clear to fund their crypto wallets via bank.

ConsenSys argued in a blog post that Sardine’s instant ACH transfers are better than other methods available online for some users. The old transfer methods can be less flexible when users go through a crypto exchange or pay with a credit card because these methods can result in declined transactions and have some monetary limits.

The new MetaMask’s integration with Sardine solved all the problems for users, as the users will be able to turn their cash into more than 30 tokens, up to a daily transaction maximum of $3,000. These instant methods may raise questions about safety, and there’s also could be the risk of fraud or other illicit activity.

About safety concerns, MetaMask wrote on Twitter that Sardine’s payment system helps combat fraud. However, they did not specify it.

According to Sardine’s website, its developers built the fraud prevention and compliance Sardine infrastructure that scaled Revolut and Coinbase. Sardine claims that its intelligence can detect 300% more fraud than other vendors, which shows the ability of Sardine to prevent address fraud.

Sardine also promises that it takes complete liability for any chargebacks or returns for other business clients using its services.

However, MetaMask did not make it clear what liabilities apply to its users when moving money with Sardine.