Friday, December 8, 2023
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DO MAX: How To Promote Music With Instagram Filters

Revive your Instagram stories and Reels by adding your music to them. Besides, you will be marketing your releases with their authentic soundtrack to your fans.

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your music and getting it heard by a wider audience. A lively and engaging presence on Social media platforms is necessary. It will help you to engage your audience and retain them. As a result, they will be anticipating your new releases. Some tips will give you an insight on how to upload your music on Instagram and promote it on your profile.

Instagram has billions of users. Due to the visual focus of this platform, users interact more with content shared on it. Here are tips that can help execute a successful music promo on Instagram.

Upload your songs on Instagram

Post your music on Instagram’s content library to make it available for sharing. You can get your music distributed for free onto Instagram and Facebook’s content libraries via RouteNote. A free sign up at its website allows you to post your songs. Opt for Facebook when choosing stores on the website to enable the distributor to send your music to Instagram’s content library.

After approval, RouteNote will distribute your music to Instagram. A few weeks after the submission, your tracks will be added to the platform.

Create your Reel or Instagram story

Select the plus button to make a new post if your songs are on the platform. Then, decide whether to make a Reel or story. You will include your image or record a video for your Instagram story. Swiping up the screen enables you to select the “Music” widget and look for your songs.

You can opt for one of your available tracks on Instagram and include it in the content you want to post. The slider down the screen enables you to select the part of the song you desire to add to the post. Reel creation requires you to choose music first. Then, record your short video to the preferred track.

You can search for your song by selecting the music note icon on the screen’s left side. Then choose the preferred part of the track for your Reel creation. The content begins from the selected segment of the music when you start recording.

Make your filters

You can use Spark AR’s augmented reality program to make filters that other users can use. Facebook created the Spark AR Studio. You can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Spark AR allows you to utilize uncomplicated tools to add effects and layers to people’s faces and test various designs and images.  

You can use your tracks to create filters. However, the chosen music must be Mono, 44.1 kHz, and in .M4A format. The final file size for your filter should be 3MB and 15 seconds long. Ideally, use the best section of your tracks for the filters. Also, make sure the filters are fun to draw people’s attention and drive engagement.

Share your content

Share your Instagram filters or Reels with your tracks added to a broader audience to get people involved. It will prompt fans to use your music in their Reels and stories, spreading your songs to more people.