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Do you need a VPN at home? Here are 5 reasons you might

VPNs or virtual private networks are super handy and efficient cybersecurity tools. However, a common misconception is assuming that VPNs are only used by tech-savvy people or people who want to hack into other people’s systems.

Amid cybersecurity threats and breaches, VPNs have become more mainstream, with several good reasons why everyone should have an app on all their systems. Even though the main function of VPNs is to make sure that you’re safe and secure online, there are countless other benefits of the tool too.

In this blog, we will be going through some reasons why everyone needs a VPN extension Firefox at home and why you need to get one ASAP. Let’s get started.

Helps you bypass online tracking

There are several companies and tech products that require you to allow them to track your online behavior to use the tool. This means you don’t know who or how many people access your data.

Besides that, having your data available for access to so many third parties puts you at a greater risk of being a victim of cyberattacks, including hacking incidents. If you don’t like the idea of so many people having access to your online behavior, a VPN might be a valuable tool for you.

These make you anonymous online so that third parties like advertising agencies and tech product companies can’t track you.

Stream online and download torrents safely

What’s the best way to spend time at home? Watch movies, that’s right. There are so many ways people watch movies. The top ones are using free websites to watch them online or enjoying a buffer-free experience with torrent downloads!

However, both these methods come with their risks. Free streaming and torrent download websites are both hubs for cybercriminals like hackers and spies who are just looking for ways to get into your systems.

A VPN will ensure that you’re streaming and downloading anonymously, keeping you safe and hidden from all these cybercriminals.

Enjoy a smoother gaming experience

Have you ever noticed how, after gaming for a while or downloading libraries, your experience takes a downward dip? Suddenly, your internet is slow, the game is glitching, and you’re just not able to enjoy it as much as you were.

If this lag continues for the rest of the month, you are likely experiencing ISP throttling. This is when your ISP throttles your bandwidth if you’ve consumed a huge chunk of your data limit in a short period. This is done so that your data last you the entire month.

VPNs will make sure that you can enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience by helping you bypass ISP throttling.

Increase remote work security

Remote work days have become the new office workdays for millions of employees across the globe. However, accessing work databases and files from an unsecured network can risk your work and client data. This can result in data loss and irrecoverable damage worth millions of dollars—minus the blow to trust and reputation.

Even though some employers offer an enterprise VPN to work from home safely, others aren’t very aware of security risks. Having a personal VPN will make sure that you can work from home safely and enjoy working on the go while you travel without compromising your online security.

Block out nosy housemates

Just like sharing your apartment network, having to share your internet connection could potentially leave your online activities and browsing habits open and accessible to nosy housemates.

Having a VPN can add an extra layer of security around your communication with the internet, encrypting your data, and making sure you are anonymous online. This prevents people from seeing what you’re doing online or accessing your data.


A VPN is no longer a luxury the masses could live without—it has become a security necessity. Now that you know the 5 top benefits of having a VPN subscription let us know your thoughts! If there are any topics you’d like us to write about, leave them down in the comments, and we’ll be happy to offer insights.