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Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?


The one proverb that we have heard from our childhood is, health is wealth. We may have money, reputation, assets, etc… but having all these without proper health is nothing but waste. Monitoring the health through daily food habits, drinking, exercise, and having a balance over our hormones.

Drinking water is especially necessary for life. Water makes up a large amount of water in the body. A person cannot survive without water for about a week. Moreover, drinking water also brings a lot of benefits to the body when provided adequately such as: Helps joints work better, or makes the heart healthier… This article will provide more information about the benefits of drinking water for weight loss.

Water makes up a large part of your joint cartilage, which helps absorb shock and smooth movements of bones against bone. Water can also help prevent gout, a painful joint condition. Moreover, the effect of drinking enough water will help flush out toxins from the body that can cause arthritis.

However, there are various reasons due to which our health deteriorates. And, out of all those, weight loss stands at the top. This one condition may lead to a dozen other chronic health issues.

Today, with gen z dominating society, people have become self-conscious about their food patterns and are trying to stay healthy. Healthy eating is a term newly introduced for it and there are coupons for all the products. 

But, how does this happen? Why do people gain weight? Let’s look at some common reasons for gaining weight. 

Drinking More Water To Gain Weight

  • Obesity is due to heredity or genes in most cases. If parents are facing obesity, then their children are having a high chance of getting it. It doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it your whole life. You can reduce it with your daily habits. 
  • Hormones are these hidden players of a game. They are hyperactive and are responsible for most of the body’s metabolism-related activities. Certain hormones cut down fat storage from different locations of the body. But, these hormones get released in less quantity among people who are facing obesity
  •  Indisciplined and unhygienic food habits also lead to putting on weight. The food we eat must well balance with all kinds of nutrients. Junk foods often tend to contain too much oil and are unhealthy. We must take care to reduce the calorie intake through workouts and other exercises if the food intake is not well balance.

Staying healthy includes another most important part, which is staying hydrated. Water plays a pivotal role in the body’s metabolism and regulation activities.

However, water also plays a significant role in reducing obesity. Let’s see what that is. 

Drinking More Water To Reduce Obesity

  • Although we drink water to clear our thirst, it is the best source to cut our appetite. It reduces the tendency to eat and, once our stomach is full and we drink water, it creates a complete feel. This is one of the primary reasons why we drink water after eating.
  • Weight Loss has a direct connection with fat reduction and burning calories. And, water helps in curbing out calories by releasing energy and reducing weight simultaneously. It is a minimum requirement to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. It also helps in curbing fat and helps lose weight. 
  • Water also plays the main role in excretion. Excretion, in simple words, is throwing our waste from our bodies. Water helps in filtering the toxins present in the kidney and releases the waste in the form of urea. A lesser-known fact is that water also helps in excretion in small amounts through sweat. 
  • The food we eat breaks down and releases energy. This energy comes from various forms of nutrients, say proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. These can simply be measured in terms of calories. Along with these calories, there’s another thing called liquid calorie intake. This adds up when we drink juice or similar soft drinks. Calories, in turn, add up to our weight if excess stays in our body.
  • We all have heard about burning calories through exercises, but the science behind it is that these calories get stored in various body parts like the hip region and pile up, adding excess weight to our body. Since drinking water doesn’t include any calories, it prevents you from adding weight. 
  • Drinking water helps in breaking down these excess calories and maintaining body weight. Exercise and workouts are a crucial part of weight loss. They help in cutting down fat loaded in certain areas and reduce obesity. Surprisingly, water also plays a main role in this matter. Water regulates the deterioration of fat cells and reduces our weight


Looking at all these benefits, now you would have come to a conclusion that let’s drink liters of water and reduce weight quickly. Nope, it doesn’t work. It adds more complications to your health.

Drinking too much water leads to a condition called water poisoning. This causes serious damage to the functioning of the brain. Other complications like nausea, headache, confusion, increased bp, disturbed mental health, etc., are caused due to excess water intake.

Many times drinking lots of water creates an imbalance in our digestion process, which leads to severe gastric-related problems. Everything has a limit and, it is good to follow that limit for a good healthy life. 

Drinking water is one of the easiest remedies to any disease. If you have a habit of drinking the appropriate amount of water in regular installments in a day, then you are guaranteed a healthy life.

Hydration helps maintain our skin along with keeping up with our weight. Water may be a simple substance, yet it is the most powerful one. However, watch out that you won’t overdrink it.

Above is useful information about drinking water beneficial to human health. We hope to bring you good information to help you have a healthy body, complete nutrition to overcome this covid 19 pandemic.
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