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Dry Cleaning Service: How To Choose The Best Hangers for Dry Clean

Before sending your clothes to you, your local dry cleaning service will most likely hang them on wire hangers. Those hangers are perfect for getting your clothes to your house but not for long-term storage. The wires are too weak to support your garments fully. Furthermore, the hangers can cause your clothes to stretch out and lose their shape. Using the appropriate hangers will help you keep your clothes looking good.

Hangers should be selected based on the clothing to be hung. Therefore, your clothing will receive the necessary support, and you won’t have to worry about fabric warping. Consider the material of the hanger first. Then you must identify the suitable shape and features.

Clothes that have been dry-cleaned should be hung on hangers made of the following materials.

Hangers come in various materials, including wood, satin, and velvet. When looking for hangers, the first step is to choose the proper material.

Velvet Hangers 

As your delicate clothing is expensive, using the wrong hanger could cause harm. However, using velvet hangers, you can maintain your delicate clothing in good condition. Soft velvet is soft on delicate goods while offering essential support. There’s another reason why velvet hangers are so popular. The material keeps your clothes in place so that you won’t worry about slick clothes sliding off and onto the floor.

When using velvet hangers, there is one thing to keep in mind. Wet garments will pick up the velvet colour quite easily. When you use a dry cleaning service, this isn’t an issue. When the valet drops off the items, they will be dry and ready to hang up. If you’re going to use these hangers for something else, ensure the clothes are thoroughly dry first. Otherwise, you’ll have to take your clothes to a dry cleaning service to get them cleaned.


When you get your clothes back from the dry cleaner, they will be pressed and wrinkle-free. Satin hangers can help you maintain that clean, fresh look. Satin hangers are perfect for delicate and light things. The fabric is soft on clothing and avoids wrinkling and damage. Suits and other heavy garments should not be hung on satin hangers. They aren’t robust enough to support large goods, but they do an amazing job of maintaining the look of lightweight outfits.

Wood Hangers

Suits, coats, and other heavy clothes are the best hanging on wooden hangers. These hangers are strong and can hold a lot of weight. They keep the fabric from straining by balancing the weight. The wood is also tough so that the hangers will last long.

Wood hangers are more expensive at first, but they will last a lifetime. You can also choose from various wood varieties to achieve whatever aesthetic you want. Wooden hangers have a delicate elegance that is difficult to match.

Padded Hangers 

You don’t want your knits or evening gowns damaged by a hanger. That is why padded hangers are a great choice. You won’t have to worry about loose threads or rips because the padding won’t catch on the garment. These hangers also provide enough support while maintaining the shape of the garments.

Plastic Tubular Hangers

Suits and other heavy things should not be hung on plastic tubular hangers. They can bend and stretch to provide you with the necessary support. You may also use them for light, non-delicate goods like dry-cleaned shirts. Because these hangers are less expensive, consider using them for those items.

Even if you hang lightweight clothing, consider that plastic hangers can lose shape with time. You will need to replace them if this happens. It’s also important to note that there’s a big difference between low-quality and high-quality plastic hangers. To ensure maximum support for your clothing, use a higher quality. It’ll cost you a little extra upfront, but it’ll be well worth it.

Choosing a Hanger Shape

You’ll find curved and flat hangers when looking for hangers. Flat hangers take up less space in your closet, allowing you to store more clothes. T-shirts and other lightweight choices can be worn with these. Coats, jackets, and other garments should be hung on curved hangers.  Curved hangers will give your clothes extra stability.


Sign up for a local dry cleaner near me and schedule a pickup now that you know how to hang your clothes. Then, get your clothes ready for dry cleaning so you can pass them over to the valet. The valet will pick up your clothing from your home or business and deliver it to the facility. Then you’ll have it back in no time, ready to hang on the proper hangers.