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Eddie Nketiah – top scorer in League Cup 2021/2022

The League Cup is a tournament that many English top clubs do not take seriously. However, it is honorable to win it. By the way, the football results of the matches of this competition are covered on the sports statistics website.

Eddie Nketia unexpectedly became the top scorer in the 2021/2022 season. In that draw, the “Arsenal” forward scored 5 goals. Thanks to this, he was ahead of all the competitors. In addition, his team performed well in that tournament. “Gunners” reached the semifinals of the competition, where they lost to the future winner of the tournament – “Liverpool”.

For Nketiah, the 2021/2022 campaign was very important. He started getting noticeably more playing time. For that, the forward repaid the head coach by scoring goals. Yes, it did not work out to win the trophy, but Eddie personally can definitely put that draw on his record.

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What allowed Nketiah to have an impressive season?

Nketiah was getting very little playing time before the 2021/2022 season. Yes, he gave the occasional flashy performance, but no one expected any scoring feats from him. That played in the striker’s favor. By the way, if you missed football scores yesterday, then go to the sports statistics site.

So, as for Nketiah, he could just relax and show his strong qualities, because there was no pressure on him. He managed to win the League Cup scoring race due to:

  1. Excellent speed skills. It was never a problem for this striker to run away from defenders. Thanks to this, he was able to find the optimum position for the shot.
  2. Good chemistry with his partners. His interactions with Nicolas Pépé, Martin Edegor, Bukayo Saka, and other players often ended with accurate shots.
  3. The ability to choose the right position. Often Nketiah would guard the ball in the penalty area. Therefore, he tried to catch bounces and convert at least a minimal chance into an accurate shot.

In that campaign, the striker was motivated in every game, which allowed him to regularly demonstrate his strong qualities on the field. 

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Yes, the team did not manage to win this trophy that season, but it is probable that it will work out in the future. So, go to the proven platform and find out the latest news.