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Emberify’s Top Reasons to Uplift UGC on Instagram

So what do you mean by UGC? If you are a social media marketer looking forward to topping the list online, it is mandatory to know more about UGC. It is because UGC is a powerful tool for building engagement on social media. It could also have a significant influence on buying decisions. The primary reason is that the content created by users is more preferred by audiences than the ones made by brands. So it is not a shock that the advertisements created using UGC will gain more traffic than others. 

UGC on Instagram

When Instagram and UGC meet, the combo is so powerful! Want to know why? Keep reading!

  • The app has 1+million users.
  • Around 60+ percent of users use the app at least more than once a day.
  • Each month, 120+million users engage with shopping content.
  • The rate of conversions using UGC is 4.5 percent more than without UGC.

So it is elementary to know why advertising with UGC is more innovative; it can also help develop better connections with consumers, pushing them to purchase from you. So if you opt to use UGC in your Instagram marketing tactic, buy instagram likes for getting to know why UGC is mighty. 

Why UGC on Instagram?

The following will help you with why UGC on Instagram is a success. So let us get this started.

Brings More Authenticity

Are you aware that customers prefer UGC more than the ones the brand creates? Real people sharing their good experiences after using your products will bring more trust to your brand than any other. This works well on Instagram. Many brands share their customer experience through promotions to add more product value. 

Fewer Investments

Like ads and other graphic visuals, UGC will never cost you much. You have to request your customers to reshare your quality content which displays them trying your goods and services. Sometimes, coupons, discounts, etc., will also cost you significantly less than paid or sponsored content. 

Build Trust

Around 80% of customers believe in reviews they come across online before deciding to buy. How do you take this? People have more trust in individuals when purchasing from a brand. In this case, UGC is the best way to build customer trust on Instagram. Trust is something that has to be gained and not something that can be bought. 

Unwraps all the Desires

This is one of the best UGC examples which shows the best way to motivate serious Instagram users. Make sure to keep your content encouraging. It has to make your viewers feel or get inspired. Sometimes users might like your work since it arrives with great motivation. 

Loyalty, Aspirations, and Community Feeling

By gaining more buyers to promote your products or brand using pictures and videos, you could advertise the feeling of oneness on the app. That kind of UGC will motivate the aspirations of others and will build the trust of previous clientele. Having hold of existing customers is essential to be successful online. 

How to Create UGC for Instagram?

If you are worried about creating UGC for Instagram, do not worry. We will help you with a few insights that will help you remain as creative as possible. 

Just Ask: Just posting a query would push your followers to upload content where they showcase using your products. They will not just tag you but also make you feel more valued. Isn’t this a feel-good situation already? Yes, it is! 

Hashtag trends: You are responsible for choosing a few trending hashtags and using them. Hashtags have the potential to grab the attention of users quickly. First, ensure that the hashtag matches your brand and content. Then, promote the campaigns using emails, websites, and YouTube videos. Using this, people can notice the type of hashtag you use to build their story around the brand or the products. 

Micro-influencers: It is okay if you are a small business, you could still try to identify the best micro-influencers. Depending upon the products and services, you can leverage them if they are willing to share your content. For example, if you are a business person running a bakery, the first thing that you must do is reach out to a few food bloggers. They will help your brand and goods be widely discoverable. If you are a real-estate dealer, talk to clients who have already shown guidance in selling home plots. Ask them to share their experiences. It is an excellent strategy to give them incentives, free products, coupons, and offers for upcoming purchases. 

Contest? Caption content, puncture, and video content will do wonders for your brand. It is one of the most famous strategies ever. Remember to have it simple since it makes your fans feel more likely to participate and upload content. Have a track of how the content grabs the attention of users. Promise a prize to the winners. A crispy and sharp hashtag will win it for sure. 

Additional Tips

There are still more tips for you on uplifting UGC on Instagram. Also, please remember that the users can opt to tag you on the app or enable you to put up contributions on Instagram stories. Keep reading!

Reshare content: If actual users post genuine and captivating content regarding your goods and services without someone asking them, reshare it. The cool part is that you do not have to pay someone to say good about you. It happens just like that. Quality wins everything around. 

The glowing feedback: There is nothing better than a great review from a real customer. It will pump up the credibility and image of your brand. Building the trust of your loyal customer is vital for your success. So garner more good reviews and testimonials on the app. You can also ask the review maker to post a video or picture of using the product for better reach. It will enhance the influence of the review. 

Have a good cause: Recently, many customers, mainly Gen Z, are more aware of helping underprivileged people, the environment, and animal care. So if you try, UGC that includes any of these topics will work well. Your content can also have social, economic, or ecological causes. It will boost your brand’s credibility and show your consumers that you are not just another brand focusing only on sales. 

Bring more similes:  The most crucial thing about leveraging UGC is you could post a simple picture or a video to make it up. The image can be anything related to Hope, motivation, etc. You can make people feel better watching your video using straightforward content. The one crucial factor is that it must grab the audience’s interest. Without an audience liking your content, it will never hit reach online. You can try using Emberify for a tremendous reach online. 

Leverage ads: Ads are the most effective elements that will bring a better promotion to your content. Using UGC for ads is a great idea to see how people flood into your content. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, tiktok, etc., employ UGC in ads to gain a great reach. It advances brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and lead generation. 

Points of Remember

If you wish your customers to talk about their experiences and thoughts about your brand, you must take it correctly. Concentrating on the buyer relationship and staying more respectful and transparent about how you will use the UGC is essential. The following are a few tips for your reference: 

Ask before you try: Sometimes, a follower might have tagged you in a post that you would like to repost. In that case, you must ask for their permission before you repost. Ping them through a direct message. Have the approval or the screenshot of them accepting their post be reshared. Stay away from any hassles and legal trouble. Sometimes a legal disclaimer can be added to keep the audience aware.

Please give them credit: Always appreciate your viewers and fellow users. This will help them stay motivated and feel special. This will also push them to buy from you in the future. When you report content, tag the users to provide them with the best credits. You can also indicate them using hashtags. Also, you can include an image courtesy using @ symbol. Please keep it short and have emoticons and media in the content descriptions. This will build customer loyalty.  


So, now you would have got an idea about UGC and how UGC works on Instagram. Since UGC is the most important factor that builds awareness and engagement, it drives more sales and conversions. Make sure to use creative ways using which you could source and leverage the content and reap its benefits. Please thank the users and make them feel good about your content. Then, put more effort into keeping that content flow for the future! 

We believe that the above information would have been informative and engaging. If you already have an idea about the above topic, please share your ideas and suggestions. Thanks for reading!