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Epic high variance slot games to play

Online slots with 500 free spins are by far the most played non-card games ever. If someone thinks this has happened by chance, we can assure you, it is not the result of a fortunate combination.  Every time someone pushes the Spin button, a bunch of algorithms run simultaneously. These mathematical expressions get fed by tons of data and give as result a sequence of symbols, the same symbols which get shown on the screen to complete the match.

Although the combination of symbols is, mostly, ruled by random variables, there are rules which must be followed. Those rules come either from the law, either from the need to make the slot as appealing as possible. When a player evaluates a slot machine the parameters to be kept in consideration are a few, like for example the appearance, the RTP or the possibility he/she has, to change settings.

Although there are lots of people who think that having all the parameters of a slot is the best way to evaluate that game, there are at least the same number of people who say the opposite. Indeed, many players think that the only way to evaluate a game is by playing at it.

What a variance is in slot gaming

Playing slots, we have learned what is an RTP, what is a wild symbol and what we should expect when three scatters land on the screen, but it is quite rare that we keep under consideration the variance. 

To make everything simple we can consider the variance, the frequency by which the system issues the wins. 

The higher it is the variance, the easier is for the player to hit a big win in a short number of spins. 

Then if in your mind is turning the question, “why would I play a slot game which has a low variance then?” the answer is, because the machines which have this parameter quite low, pay the same than the other, but the wins are spread over a high number of spins. What makes variance better for you then?

The answer stands all in your bankroll amount. When you have high availability, the best choice is the low variance, vice versa, for a small amount of money available the best choice is the high variance. 

The reason is, that in the long term the chances of hitting bigger wins increase with the number of matches played.

List of high variance slots to play

  • Bonanza this game by Big Time Gaming has one of the highest variances available.
  • Book of Dead by Play’n Go. Apart from the high variance, it has one of the highest rates from players
  • Jungle spirit by NetEnt. Lots of players say this is one of the best slots ever made by NetEnt. 
  • Rainbow Riches by Barcrest. There are many games based on Leprechauns but this is by far the most appreciated.
  • Halloween Jack by NetEnt. If we should assign a medal to the best slot ever made by NetEnt we probably would give that medal to this machine.

Final thoughts on these slot game types

When playing casino slots, the best way to enjoy it is by selecting the game which more than any other suits our needs, despite all the indicators and parameters, our considerations remain the most reliable parameter of judgement.