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Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best Azure Managed Service Providers

As businesses strive to reshape the way they function, the fad of cloud computing is far from receding anytime soon. Services like Microsoft Azure simplify the transition to cloud hosting by allowing you to host many applications. 

But businesses that aim to migrate to cloud computing services, like Azure, need the assistance of a cloud service provider. Outsourced managed cloud service providers (MSP) can help streamline IT operations to reap the most benefits from the Azure deployment. 

This is why you must carefully choose the Azure Managed cloud services provider if you wish to enjoy their full advantage. Here are a few factors that you must consider when opting for such services:

Expertise and Experience of the MSP 

Let’s be clear about one thing first! Businesses opt for MSPs primarily because of their vast knowledge and talent pool. This helps you utilise the service without spending on full-time in-house staff. 

So, it is important that a provider of Azure Managed cloud services understand the cloud computing service. 

Choosing an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider with advanced status can help you with this. An excellent way to determine this is by looking for the certifications and best practices of the provider. Also, look at how experienced they are in helping businesses navigate to Microsoft Azure. All these factors can impact how smooth your transition will be. 

Availability of Suitable Services 

The prospective Azure partner must be able to cater to all your business requirements. This means they should be able to offer exactly the services you require, including round-the-clock and advanced monitoring of your systems. 

The managed cloud services also look after application performance, logs and alerts, and system health. All these are necessary for supporting the operations, backup and recovery, configuration, etc. 

So, when choosing such services, you should inspect their range of solutions. This initial judgement will have a lasting impact on your journey with Microsoft Azure. So, ask as many questions as possible regarding their services and how they intend to help you plan and manage the transition. 

End-to-End Support 

You must also look into whether the MSP provides end-to-end support. This is crucial since your Azure service partner needs to be available throughout the lifecycle beginning from the pre-sales stage. 

Initially, the service provider analyses your needs by auditing the pre-existing IT infrastructure. Next, they perform a thorough cloud readiness assessment where they will examine the available data and applications. This ensures it can shift the processes to the cloud without disrupting productivity. 

An Azure MSP helps you in monitoring the day-to-day processes effectively and can also help in optimising the existing Azure services. So, your chosen provider must provide solutions to the business scaling needs while supporting priority applications. 

Cost Optimisation 

Lastly, the Azure Managed cloud services should be able to help you minimise the costs of function. These service providers usually offer a wide range of services at competitive prices, less than hiring full-time employees. Also, with these services, you only pay what the services you use. 

However, it does not hurt to compare the pricing of different providers to choose the right one for your business. 

Some MSPs offer additional benefits, such as initial incentives or trial-managed services. Others may offer better discounts. Overall, the service providers can run analytics to assess your needs better and offer a solution fitting for your organisation. This will also help in scaling up as your business grows. 

Summing Up

Having the technical abilities of the managed cloud services is highly beneficial for organisations switching to Microsoft Azure. But this is not the only reason for you to hire them.

A proper service provider offers administration support, complete monitoring, better communication, and more. So, consider these factors to choose a service that will smooth the cloud transition and enhance your business processes.