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Find Out Which Software is Right for You; the Quickbase vs Jira Debate

What is a Project Management Software? 

Project management software is a basic tool which is essentially a necessity in this day and age. A project management software does it all for you; from helping you to plan projects which span over years to allowing you to create plans for smaller projects. Project planning software such as a jira tool or the like, help in planning projects from scratch with the help of templates available on the software. These software are often cloud based hence you are able to share them with your colleagues no matter where they are based and hence you are allowing for increased collaboration within your company. 

In this piece, we will be going over the various features of a couple of software which have gained avid notoriety in the last couple of years. The software we are talking about are Jira software and Quickbase software. If you are in the midst of the very common Quickbase software vs Jira project management tool debate, then you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about this software to help you make a final conclusion; which of these software is right for you! 

Jira Software 

Flexible Planning 

The first feature in Jira project management we want to talk to you about is the flexible planning feature. With Jira software, you get access to kanban and scrum board features which are very powerful planning tools that enable you and your team to plan projects in the way that you prefer. These tools are very robust and allow you to plan extensively about projects. This helps you to make flexible planning possible as you are able to add in details about your projects. All in all, with this feature you are really able to plan every detail related to your project in a way which is preferred by you and your team which is very helpful!

Time Calculation 

The next thing we want to tell you about when it comes to Jira software in the Quickbase software vs Jira project management tool is the time management and calculation tool in this software. This tool allows you to estimate a time for issues as you look at your backlog. This helps you and your team as well as in certain instances, your client to figure out a timeline for the work to be completed. Having an accurate timeline really allows you and your team to ensure that you can deliver the work on time and be as efficient as possible about getting an entire project complete on time! 


Collaboration is a major aspect of working on a project and with Jira software, you and your team are able to work on everything together. This software allows you to work on projects with your team seamlessly. These days, a lot of people prefer to work remotely and with the collaboration feature on Jira software, your team is able to do that and still collaborate with one another. This allows for flexibility in work and overall allows for a much better experience when it comes to working together on a project because everyone has access to the same dashboard. 

Quickbase Software

Activity Dashboard 

The activity dashboard feature in this software gives a point to Quickbase software in the Quickbase software vs Jira project management tool debate. This feature allows for a robust dashboard which has all the information about the project displayed on it front and center for you and your team to look over. All in all, this feature really allows you and your team to ensure that you are all on the same page when it comes to work. This dashboard really helps everyone look at what is going on with the project, what stage it is on and what are updates regarding it. This really allows for everyone to have input and contribute as much as they can to the project! 

Alerts and Notifications Feature 

The alerts and notifications feature are another one we want to talk to you about. This feature helps you ensure you are on top of all your work. This is because you are able to look at the alerts and notifications right away. Let’s think of an example; if you are tagged in a comment by a colleague, the software sends you a notification with this information right away. The software also alerts you when a task is coming up due among other things. This really helps you keep on top of your work and allows for everything to be on time and work to be more collaborative and easier to keep track of! 

Finance Management 

The last feature we want to talk to you about is the finance management feature. This feature really allows you to take care of your money and keep your business afloat. The feature helps you to look at you’re accounting and allows you to keep a record of all your money. This feature enables you to make better financial decisions overall. The fact that this feature exists means you are not to worry with your money since you can simply look at, you’re spending and more on the software. 

Which Software is Right for You!

In the debate between Quickbase software vs Jira project management tool, you are probably confused about which software to choose. We suggest you read user reviews for them. User reviews are the best way to figure out which software is right for you because you get an idea of a long-term software. You can also check out the complete detail of this project management software click here Quickbase Pricing.