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Finding One-Night Stands in Your Area: What to Know

As statistics show, approximately every third adult has tried casual dating in one form or another at least once in their life. And it is no wonder; considering the pace of life of an average modern person, there seems to be no room left for old-school romance. At least in the early stages of adulthood, when we are busy with our careers and self-development.

But arranging one-night stands locally requires time and effort just as much as seeking serious relationships, so people got creative over time and started to come up with different tricks to make the process quicker without losing the chances of finding a successful match. So, if you are a newbie in casual dating, wondering where to start and how to achieve success, or just looking for new tips that can come in handy, we have got you covered.

Considering New Options Expands the Horizon

Theoretically, casual dating saves you a massive amount of time when it comes to fulfilling the basic need of intimacy and closeness. But in fact, it is as complex and time-consuming as traditional dating unless you know the right places and ways of looking for one-night stands. Discovering new options as a veteran is important, too, if you want to keep things fresh and never lose your grip.

Flexibility is what makes you successful, so the first rule to remember is to accept every possibility of finding new partners that life presents you with. Attend parties, visit local clubs, music festivals, etc. – every local event that gathers single adults in one place works just fine. However, if you are a resident of a small city that usually has little to no events and finding people ready for a casual date takes months, or you just don’t want to wander around looking for someone compatible, other options do exist.

The best bet would be to use the benefits of the Internet. This way, you don’t need to go anywhere – dating platforms are open and accessible anytime, no matter where you live. If you are looking for a local one-night stand, consider registering on a specialized platform made for casual dating. Most top dating sites offer a so-called “geolocation feature,” so you will have no trouble finding someone from your city, no matter how large or small it is. And considering that casual dating sites gather only those singles who are looking for no-strings fun, there is no need to beat around the bush trying to convince them to meet you for a one-night stand.

If They Don’t Want You, It Is Not a Big Deal

No matter how small the dating community in your area is, you will always have available options. So, if it happens that someone you ask out refuses to meet, it is not a big deal. This is a rule number two you must always keep in mind. After being rejected just once, most people start doubting themselves, trying to figure out what is wrong with them and what caused a “no.” When in reality, the issue lies in a ridiculously simple thing – we all have different tastes, and what seems appealing to one might appear awful to another.

This is why it is essential to 1) have a few different options at a time (like going out frequently but also having a dating profile on a casual site) and 2) take it easy and let those people who don’t want you go. This approach works perfectly for a few reasons:

  • You learn not to become too attached to one-night partners and people in general, which is a huge problem for many.
  • The said approach influences your everyday life, teaching you to let things go easily.
  • Less stress leads to confidence and the realization of your worth and attractiveness.

Keep It Private

Living in a small city means knowing most of the locals in person. On the other hand, a large city has a much bigger population, but when dating in your neighborhood, eventually, you slowly get to know everyone. No matter the case, the outcome is the same – everybody knows everybody, which means unnecessary drama. So, the third rule to remember is to keep your private life private.

The best way to avoid speculations about your personal life is to keep one-night stands between you and your partner. Make an agreement that you won’t discuss it with friends or anyone else, and stick to the plan. Or, if you are unsure that your partner won’t discuss it with those who might happen to be people you personally know, consider dating in nearby cities.

Traveling not too far won’t make it harder to have a casual date, quite the opposite – this is where being flexible might play into your hands. A new city means a new dating community and fewer chances of hooking up with someone who eventually turns out to be the daughter of your mother’s friend.

When dating locally, people oftentimes forget that it has its own peculiarities and rules to follow. Educate yourself to reach success without much effort, learn to be flexible, and have fun in the process because it is the main reason why one-night stands are so popular!