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Guiseppe Andrews Biography


Joey Murcia is professionally comprehended; as Giuseppe Andrews, a famous American former actor, screenwriter, manager, and singer-songwriter known for his parts as Lex in the 1999 flick Detroit Rock City, etc. He is 42 years old.

  • Born: April 25, 1979, Key Largo, Florida
  • Height: 1.88 m
  • Parents: Joey Murcia

Guiseppe Andrews Bio

Guiseppe Andrews was raised driving from one Camper Park to another before he and his dad were radiated in a provincial infomercial, indirectly conducting the then 10-year-old Andrews to a little part in the improbable liaison flick Getting It Right in 1989. Succeeding an impression in the droll home dramedy Unstrung Heroes and a periodic part; on the short-lived classroom sitcom Nick Freno Licensed Teacher, the performer earned; a worldwide audience as the son of a bacchanalian harvest duster in the blockbuster alien-invasion cliff-hanger Independence Day.

In 1999, the exact; year he split out as a qualified grown-up star in the lewd road flick Detroit Rock City, Andrews dropped his flick employment in avant-garde initiatives rather than mainstream quests, writing and producing the winding, low-budget coming-of-age flick Touch Me in the Morning.

While resuming to invest self-directed testing schemes such as Grandpa and Period Piece with the kind of trailer-park civilization he understood as a juvenile, Andrews emerged as a creepy backwoods associate in the horror-comedy Cabin Fever and again unity with his Rock City co-star James DeBello. The performer regularly creates similarly oddball courtesies in flicks such as; the severed-finger secret Careless and the existential surveillance-camera cliff-hanger Look.

Since that moment, he has been in numerous flicks, television flicks and schedules, and melody videos. He is best comprehended for his part for Lex in Detroit Rock City in 1999 and for his part as Germ on the TV sequel Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place in 1998. He can also be, glimpsed in Smashing Pumpkins’ 1979 harmony tape and their Perfect melody video. His next intent is to be more diligent behind a camera, like authoring and directing his flicks. He also composes music and expects to incorporate them into his forthcoming; flicks.

  • Name:

Giuseppe Andrews

  • Nickname:

Joey Murcia Jr.

  • Gender:


  • Date of Birth:


  • Age in 2022:


  • Birth Place:

United States

  • Country:

United States

  • Nationality:


  • Height:

6′ 2″ (1.88 m)

  • Weight:


  • Profession:


  • Parents:

Joey Murcia


He is the son of Joey Murcia.

Andrews has completely vanished from the public gaze as of 2015. His whereabouts are supposed to be unknown.


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  2. 2011- From the Head
  3. 2010- Look (TV Series)
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  8. 2007- Homo Erectus
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  17. 2005- 2001 Maniacs
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