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Harry Brar Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Harry Brar was a Set Decorator, Production Designer, and Art Director, well-known for his work in Date My Dad (2017), Adventures in Public School (2017), and The Order (2019). Harry was born in a famous city in India, and he died in July 2021 in the United States. Harry is one of the most famous and talented sets and art directors in the United States.

Harry Brar Personal Info

Harry Brar died in July 2021 at around 50 or 55 years old. Hary belonged to Hinduism, his nationality was Indian, and there was no information about his birth sign. His height was above 5 feet 6 inches, and his weight was around 78 kg or above. Hary belonged to the brown ethnicity and had short black hair, and his eye color was also black, which increased his beauty and made him different.

Harry Brar Family and Relationship

Harry Brar had not shared any information about his parents, siblings, relationship, and dating life on screen.

Harry Brar Early Life and Education

Harry Brar was born and grew up in India, and he completed his early education at a local school from there. Harry had done his graduation from a renowned institution in India. After graduation, he moved to the United States, where he started his work.

Harry was good at designing sets, as he designed sets for many functions. Harry started his work as a set designer by working on short events, from where he polished his designing skills. He wanted to work in the film industry to design sets.

After working hard, Harry finally got work in the film industry as an art director in a short, Never Gonna Let You, in 2013, where his career began in the film industry. Later, Harry worked in many films and television series as a set and art director and a production designer and became successful.

Harry Brar Work

Harry Brar started his work in the film industry as an art director in 2013 through a short in Never Gonna Let You. Harry has worked on more than 40 film projects, and here is the list of his work.

Harry Brar Work as Set Director

  1. Capital Punishment (2014).
  2. Preggoland (2014).
  3. Mr. Sumbody (2014).
  4. Outrageous Births: Tales from the Crib (2015).
  5. A Gift of Miracles (2015).
  6. Fatal Friends (2015).
  7. Diagnose Me (2015).
  8. Reluctant Witness (2015).
  9. Detective McLean (2015).
  10. Cop and a Half: New Recruit (2017).
  11. Hit the Road (2017).
  12. Date my Dad (2017).
  13. The I-Land (2019).
  14. Ride or Die (2019).
  15. The Order (2020).
  16. Chad (2021).
  17. Kung Fu (2021).
  18. Another Life (2021).

Harry Brar Work as Production Designer

  1. A Gift of Miracles (2015).
  2. One Last Ride (2015).
  3. Magic Stocking (2015).
  4. Hearts of Spring (2016).
  5. Tulips in Spring (2016).
  6. The Game of Love (2016).
  7. The Convenient Groom (2016).
  8. The Mistletoe Promise (2016).
  9. A December Bride (2016).
  10. Snowcapped Christmas (2016).
  11. Hearts of Christmas (2016).
  12. Infidelity in Suburbia (2017).
  13. Unforgotten (2017).
  14. Adventures in Public School (2017).
  15. Secret History of Comics (2017).

Harry Brar Work as Art Director

  1. Never Gonna Let You (2013).
  2. Let It Down (2013).
  3. Friday the 13th (2013).
  4. Entertainment (2013).
  5. If You Ask Me To (2014).
  6. Preggoland (2014).
  7. Rebel (2014).
  8. Lead and Follow (2014).
  9. The Embargo Project (2015).
  10. Payment (2015).

Harry Brar’s Net Worth

Harry Brar was a set director, art director, and production designer, and it was the only source of his income. Harry’s net worth was approximately $500k or round above.

Some Facts About Harry Brar

Here are some facts about Harry Brar.

  • Harry died in July 2021 in the United States.
  • Harry gained fame through his work in Date My Dad in 2017.
  • Harry was a multi-talented guy who worked as an art and set director and a production designer.
  • Harry was a famous art director in the United States.