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Here’s how Communication Skills will determine your career path

Three distinct steps make a man’s ladder of success; hard work, expertise, and the importance of communication skills. We challenge you to name one successful journey that didn’t involve at least one of these traits. 

Pretty impossible, right? Yet, we overlook the importance of communication skills as a vital part of our success journey.

Why is that so?

Effective communication skills is the bedrock of fuelling ideas. Behind every product around you, every brand you hear about, and every item you’re using right now, the power of communication exists.

Communication and your career goals go hand in hand

As born entrepreneurs, it is not solely our ideas but how we communicate them that ultimately brings us success.

For example, even though both Zomato and Swiggy are exceptional food delivery services, their different advertisement modes have impacted customers differently. They chose different ways to communicate with us.

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What are the different types of communication?

Here’s how to improve communication skills by focusing on its four distinct kinds. They are:

  1. Non-verbal communication

Anything that doesn’t involve the art of words consists of the cadence of your body language. Body language, facial expressions, vocal tone and overall presentation, will help you improve your communication skills.

  1.  Verbal communication

Being the most effective kind of communicator, our tone of voice and use of words teach us how to improve communication skills efficiently. It all comes down to how you use a single word, with a specific tone of choice.

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  1. Written communication

In the digital world, written communication magnifies both the popularity and importance of communication skills in the 21st-century corporate workplace.

Maintaining a friendly relationship in writing, such as clear-cut emails and polite letters, helps relieve employee conflict.

  1. Visual communication

80% of the people in the workplace population remember what they see and do better than what they hear or read. Hence, communicating via media platforms like videos, photos, and charts goes a long way in making an impact.

Key Takeaways

While it is essential to learn the four types, you won’t realise the importance of communication skills unless you practice them.

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