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How Do You Start an Action Figure Collection?

Do you love collecting items? Buying action figures is often a fun and rewarding pastime. It can take you to your youth. It might assist you in celebrating your love of your favourite film, cartoon series, or TV series.

And, if you purchase it properly, it could become a fantastic investment since many collectable figurines retail for a lot of money.

Let’s dive into some beginner’s tips about starting an action figure collection.

Where to Start?

After determining why you want to collect figurines, you can start the collection with some sensible initial purchases. Start by doing initial research by searching online figurine websites. This will offer a sense of what’s and what’s not popular.

What’s the Niche That Interests You?

You may enjoy Guardians of the galaxy and Star Trek, as well as reading comics, particularly the brand-new DC. Still, it is advised to restrict your catalogue rather than purchasing figurines that every character’s reader enjoys.

It’s impractical (unless you’re able to manage it). Therefore it’s best to decide what you’d like to focus on.

Restricting your collection between one or two categories will save you cash for more vital things. This will prevent you from purchasing every figurine that grabs your attention.

If you are a big admirer of a particular film, confine the collection based on that. If you love Lord of the rings, continue to enjoy it. If you enjoy mecha anime, like Gundam, you might want to begin your collection with that theme.

If you’re a comic book lover, you might want to limit your action figure collection to solely Superman, Spider-Man, or batman. Even if you enjoy one of the characters, you’ll still have a great deal. 

Get Involved

Power comes from knowledge. There are several blogs, forums, and newsgroups on the web that you can enter and connect to discover other individuals interested in a similar subject. A Search on google will frequently yield excellent results. Visit your local specialised shop to discover other enthusiasts. 

Occasionally figurines are “repacks,” in which the business repackages a previous edition of a character. If you aren’t well-informed, you may purchase the same multiple items.

These websites will also assist you in distinguishing between collectable action figures designed for enthusiasts to showcase and toys designed for kids to play with. It is very rare for a collector to purchase a figurine online, believing it to be a collectable piece, to receive a product that he might have bought at any toyshop and has minimal to no collecting worth!

Organise and Catalogue Your Collection

You must do this right away to avoid getting lost. Don’t delay until you own hundreds of action figures to start cataloguing them. Categorisation enables you to maintain a record of the figurines in the collection and determine the value of the collection. To begin, use Excel Spreadsheet.

Also, remember to clean everything. Regular maintenance will always maintain them in peak condition. 

Mint or Lose?

“Loose” figurines have been removed from their packaging, but “Mint” figurines are still in their original packaging and of entirely new quality.

If you’re still unsure how or where to begin, go to a Figurine Convention, or, to make things easier, go to Comic-Con. 

These places include

  • Comics
  • Anime
  • Figures in action
  • Everything about collectable card games
  • Video games