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How Should You Start Designing Your Business Card?

Your business card is a big step in making your business dreams a reality. It is the first point of contact with your brand for potential customers, so you must create a good impression.

A well-designed business card provides much more than contact information. It builds trust in customers and sets your business apart from your competitors.

With quick business card printing, you can get your cards ready within a very short time. But before that, you need to be thorough with its design and the information you want to include.

Following are the details to help you design your business card.

●    Choose a suitable template.

Your business card can say a lot about your business, so the design of your card must reflect your brand. For instance, if you are an interior decorator, you must love clean lines and modern styling. You can reflect that with a simple and clean template for your card. You can choose a less formal and vibrant business card if you have an outgoing personality.

●    Have the right typeface

If you use a particular font on your marketing materials and the website, ensure you get that on your business card too. Your font choice must represent your brand and be easy to read.  

The size of the fonts should be at least 8 points. However, you can print important information in a larger font, bold, or a different typeface.

Ideally, it would help if you kept your company’s name larger than 12 points and other information in smaller font sizes but no less than 8 points.

●    Get the size and shape right.

The size and shape of your business card affect the text size and the information you want to include. So, whether your brand is a non-conformist or a conventional one, the shape and size of your card can make a statement.

Usually, business cards are rectangular, similar to credit cards. It is a safe and the most common choice. However, if you want to make changes at the last minute, you can opt for quick business card printing services and get vertical orientation, rounded corners, or square shapes for your business card.

●    Organise the information

Your business card should have all the information necessary for prospective clients to contact you, locate your store or find you online. Aside from the job title and name, add your telephone number, email address, business name, social media handles and website.

When adding the information to the template, consider the layout. Each piece of your information must be distinguishable and have a good visual flow. However, you can alter the visual flow by adding white space, adjusting the size of the elements and shifting their locations.

●    Consider doing double duty.

You can make your business card do a lot more for you by making good use of the reverse side as well. Use it for loyalty stamps, appointment reminders or anything related to your business.

You can even turn the card into a magnet if your business offers recurring services like pet sitting, car services, plumbing, etc. Customers can stick them on their refrigerators and easily access the contact information.

Remember to double and triple-check all the information included in your business card before sending it for printing. You can also ask someone to review your design and ensure it covers everything necessary for the clients. Lastly, check for typos, as there can be nothing worse than printing your card and finding spelling mistakes in your business name or address.