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How to Choose a Swimsuit That Is Right for Your Body Type

Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? Everyone does! But everyone also loves feeling good and looking good while on vacation.

And what better option is there to do that than in swimwear that is incredibly flattering?

Even the most swimsuit-averse gal will transform into a certified sun goddess thanks to the brilliant style hacks and incredibly flattering outfit options.

So, if you choose flattering swimwearfor your next vacation, here is how to pick the one that matches your body type the best.

Make sure you are wearing a suit that genuinely fits. For that, you will need to measure yourself and consult the sizing chart on the website or in-store to determine your size. Once you have found your size, try on different suits in that range until you find one that fits perfectly.

The top wear:

Triangle tops are usually best for smaller-busted women because they don’t provide much support; skinny straps are also not the best choice for full-busted women, as they tend not to stay up.

Go for more fabric coverage on the bottom half of your suit. It will keep everything looking smooth and streamlined without adding extra weight to your top half.

Instead, try scoop necklines or halter tops. Scoop necks offer more coverage, and halter styles give you more support and lift.

If you’ve got a fuller bust, there’s no need to shy away from an embellished neckline. The V-shaped neckline is suitable for women with a larger bust because it naturally flatters your figure and creates a lovely silhouette.

The key to making this type of neckline work for you is selecting the right fabric. A V-shaped neckline will only look good if it’s cut from a fabric that has enough structure to hold its shape; otherwise, you’ll end up with an unflattering result.

The bottom ware:

Swimsuit shopping is hard, and that’s why most women make the same mistake when shopping for swimsuits.

The first thing to weigh when shopping for swimsuits is what kind of cut you want. A high-rise cut will do wonders for your hips and stomach, but if you’re looking for something more flattering on your thighs and butt, consider a lower cut that sits on your hips rather than above them.

Another important factor to check when shopping for swimsuit bottoms is the detail on the sides of your body. Rings or details here can help create the illusion of smaller hips and thighs, so if you’re looking for this effect, try pairing it with detailed shorts or skirted bottoms.

Stomach area coverage:

When picking out a swimsuit, it can be tempting to opt for the shiny fabrics that will give you the most flattering appearance. But if you’re trying to hide imperfections in your body tone, this isn’t always the best choice.

Instead, look for matte fabrics instead. Matte fabric will allow you to camouflage any lumps or bumps while giving you more of an illusion of a smooth body tone.

Thigh coverage:

You should also consider looking into styles that enhance your legs while providing more coverage in other areas. This can be accomplished by choosing a swimsuit with ruffles on the bottom or around the neckline and one with an open back or cut-outs along the sides.


Selecting flattering swimwear for your body shapeis relatively easy. The key is to try on different styles and sizes until you find one that fits comfortably and looks flattering. And don’t forget to flaunt what you’ve got since your body will look more appealing and attractive in an appropriate swimsuit!