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How to Make a Fitted Hat Larger

Finding a hat that fits one’s head’s size is always pleasant, but that is not the case for everyone. Some people have a harder time finding large hats for big heads, which is unfortunate. People might need to stretch their fitted hats to continue wearing them as part of their closet collection. But how do you make a fitted hat larger?

5 Tips for Making Fitted Hats Larger

Below are five hacks for stretching a hat to fit larger heads:

1. Try Fitting the Hat Before Buying

Before purchasing a fitted hat, you should try it on. When searching for the right fit, you need to look at options with sizes that range from medium to extra-large. If people with large heads forgo trying a hat on then they are more likely to choose a style that is uncomfortable.

If the largest size doesn’t fit completely and is quite tight, consider making it larger. Fitting the hat leaves you with a size closer to what is perfect for your needs.

Stretching hats only offer a little allowance, meaning the hat you go for shouldn’t be excessively small. Going for larger hats ensures that you end up with an option you can more easily stretch to fit.

2. Use a Hat Stretcher

Manually stretching a fitted hat can have some severe repercussions, including damage. Instead of risking tearing or altering the hat’s shape, it is ideal to use the right tools.

A hat stretcher is perfect for creating an allowance on a hat without altering its design. Some materials like cotton or felt might be quite hard to stretch, so they will need the proper tools to get right. Hat stretchers, when used correctly, will ensure the crown and brim do not warp.

Here are steps to follow when using a hat stretcher:

  • Determine where the hat fits too tightly by placing it onto your head
  • Rub some sweatband moisturizer into the band and let it sit
  • Steam the hat’s surface
  • Insert the hat stretcher jack and ensure its edges contact the band
  • Gently tighten the stretcher and let it sit with the jack in it
  • Repeat the process until the hat feels snug

Take care when using a hat stretcher to ensure the changes are gradual. Hats can be delicate, so they warp if one stretches too fast.

3. Replace the Hat Band With Larger Options

Some hats will have a tighter fit if the sweatband shrinks. If you want to keep wearing this accessory, replacing the hatband can improve the hat’s fit. Just inspect the hatband for signs of shrinkage. A larger hatband, in most cases, will mean a better fit for those with larger heads.

4. Remove the Hat Sizers Completely

Some hats come with sizers meant to ensure a custom and snug feel. The different hat sizers reduce the normal hat sizes when tightened. Removing the sizers can loosen the hat for a better fit.

Size-reducing sweatbands will also make hats feel smaller. Individuals with larger heads should consider replacing them with larger sweatbands for a comfortable fit.

5. Spray or Steam Before Stretching

Hat stretching can be rigorous and properly adjusting felt material can be quite hard. Excessive pressure on a firm hat can also be stressful, which can result in warping.

You should spray or steam your hat before stretching to make the material more flexible to adjustment. The spraying method works best with soft fabric material, including cotton and classic felt designs.

Wear Large Hats for Big Heads

Stretching a hat ensures the accessory you select for your outfit fits comfortably on your head. To obtain the perfect hat size, you might need to go over the shaping process several times. For more information, contact a company that provides large hats for big heads.