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How to Organize Kid-Friendly Living Room (100% Fool-Proof Guide for Parents)

Do you want to have a living room that is an inviting place for your kids to develop and have fun? While it can seem complicated to create a kid-friendly space that we can keep in order and looks beautiful, it is possible. In former times, this area of the house was looked at as some room reserved for adults to relax. The sofas and furniture were even wrapped up with some kind of plastic protection to avoid damages, and ceramic decoration was placed at the coffee table or shelves, making it a little risky to let kids playing alone.

It is often a challenge to have it all, great home decoration, functional space which is safe for toddlers and keeping the order in the long run. If you are interested in finding a simple guide that helps you to achieve the living room of your dreams, you are in luck! There are simple strategies you can use to avoid sacrificing aesthetics for comfort, so keep reading. In this article we will provide easy but useful ideas, which will help you to create the perfect space to spend great times with your family and friends.

Pick the colors and materials smartly

Although you can use any shade under the sun for your living room design, it will be very wise choosing a dark color for your couch and carpet -if you have one. As you may imagine, this will be very handy when having little ones playing around, dusty colors like brown or gray tend to hide any light stains, if compared to beige, white or pastels. By selecting a good material such as vinyl you can also make sure to clean your furniture more easily, same goes for the walls, we recommend you to get water-proof paints to ease the cleaning process.

Design a creative space

If you have the chance to invest a small amount of money to customize your space, take this chance to focus on how your kids will be enjoying this area. A good idea is to separate the layout by activities, leaving a spot to relax as you spend a cozy evening watching movies together, and reserve an area where they can do fun activities such as play boardgames, draw or read a book. A resistant table of enough size will work as a multipurpose tool that you and your children can use.

Stay focused on storage ideas

Never underestimate the power that storage can give you as a parent. Have you thought about the possibility of getting a table where you can store some toys and books? Having your favorite items handy doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep everything around or in a visible space. Keeping these types of things stored will give you more flexibility to have your living room decluttered and with a great sophisticated vibe. If you are planning to change your furniture in the near future, consider the idea of choosing those items with built-in compartments. Another recommendation is to ask for a professional house organizing service that will provide you with customized advice for your particular case.