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How To Select The Right Jewelry To Match Your Saree

Sarees look amazing when they are worn with something traditional. When you put on a seree you need to add jewellery to it so that the saree can pop up and look amazing when you wear it. The advantage is that most Indian women love jewellery a lot which makes it easier for them to style their sarees appropriately. In case you are not Indian and you want to rock a saree make sure you put on the right jewellery as well because jewellery is all that matters. Some of the accessories to add to your attire are necklaces, bangles, earrings and maang tikka.

Before you decide on the jewellery you will buy to match your saree make sure you know the type of saree you are buying first as this will make it easier for you to make the decision. Choosing the right necklace for your seree is hard but when you follow the tips below your work will be easier.

Tips on choosing the right jewellery for your seree

1. Contemplate on  your skin tone

Choosing jewellery that goes well with your skin tone is very important because it makes your jewellery pop out and looks chic. When you have a warmer skin tone you should go for a golden shade instead. Whereas, if you are a bit light the best jewellery for you is diamond and silver. This two shades blend well with a lighter skin tone compared to golden jewellery.

2.Consider attractive colour combinations

The type of saree that you get is what will determine the type of jewellery you will get for yourself. Warm-coloured sarees like red, yellow, orange and maroon go well with gold jewellery. When you love bracelets you should consider wearing the rival bracelet with a warm-coloured saree and you will blow people’s minds because of how they blend so well.

3. Choose pearl jewellery

Pearl jewellery is getting quite common today and it is as great as all other types of jewellery. They are the best because they go with any style and they are great for any particular occasion. But if you want to stand out, combine pearl jewellery with a silk saree. If you are a pearl lover, you could always go for the Maahika Necklace Set from Blingvine.

4. Consider the occasion you are going to

Before you select the right accessory to match your saree, make sure you know the event you will be attending so that you could purchase your saree first before you get your jewellery. For example, if you are attending a marriage ceremony, opt for a silk saree with a pearl necklace and you will look amazing. Not all accessories go well with all types of saree, so buying one first and knowing the occasion you are going to is much better as it makes it easier for you to choose the accessories.


In case you are into fashion and you love rocking sarees and looking elegant, consider the tips listed above as they will help you in selecting the most appropriate accessory that will go well with the saree you want to put on.