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Importance of Eco-Friendly Mailers

Mailers are convenient since they are used instead of corrugated boxes for shipping several things at once without compromising on safety. Eco friendly bubble mailers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They may. They may be made from various materials, addressing common issues associated with resource depletion, time and money spent on production and transport.

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Poly mailers that have been recycled symbolise your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ship your products in these recycled poly envelopes to show that you care about the environment even after they leave your hands. Though it may seem inconsequential, choosing environmentally responsible packaging materials influences the planet. A mailer made from recycled materials has a far less carbon footprint than one made from new material. Our poly mailers are made from recycled materials, helping to increase demand for post-consumer resin and spur development and innovation across the whole plastic recycling process (which in turn will increase industry attention on encouraging consumers to recycle!).

Using recycled poly envelopes increases client retention.

Imagine this. As soon as your client gets home from work, she discovers many gifts waiting for her inside. She’ll be impressed that your poly bag is manufactured from 100% recycled material and that your company is making an effort to be more environmentally responsible when she picks up yours. That’s the typical complaint from customers that are reported. The recycled poly envelope will likely shape a customer’s initial impression of the company you used to ship their purchase. Customers who are picky and ethical are 52% more likely to buy from you again if their orders come in such attractive packaging.

Personalised poly mailers improve interactions with clients.

Consumers highly appreciate branded packaging that reflects a company’s values. When making an online purchase, it is the second most significant factor customers look for, according to studies (receiving products undamaged and of good quality is the first). 

Referrals increase with the use of recycled poly mailers.

Green and branded packaging keep customers coming back and gets them talking. Four in ten buyers would post pictures of creative packaging online.

There’s nothing too big or too little about them.

Contrary to overly-packaged items, Eco friendly bubble mailers are efficient and economical. They’re lightweight and come in a wide range of sizes to ensure a good fit no matter what you need them for. Besides being beneficial to the environment and your money, this also improves the overall quality of your customer interactions. While 52% of consumers say they are less likely to switch brands if they receive branded, environmentally friendly packaging, 48% say they are more likely to do so if they receive excessive packaging.

You and your clients will appreciate how easy returns are using recycled poly envelopes.

The 100% recycled poly mailers are reusable thanks to the dual peel-and-seal closure. This benefits your company since it streamlines the return process for clients. You don’t have to find a business owner who will tell you that clients don’t like a cumbersome return policy. Customers who want to exchange their purchase for a different size or colour may easily download a shipping label from your website, affix it to the polybag, and send it back to you. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are strengthened because of this hassle-free exchange.

Because of their compact and stackable nature, recycled poly mailers are a convenient and space-saving option.

Recyclable mailers may be a better fit for your company if you sell items that can be packaged efficiently in poly bags for shipping (such as clothing)—a look at the dimensions of two envelopes of almost the same size. There are 768 cubic inches in a case of 250 of these poly mailers (16″x12″x4″), compared to 2990 cubic inches in a case of 200 kraft mailers (23″x13″x10″). There are 30,000 more poly mailers than kraft mailers that can fit on a 48″x48″ pallet.