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Instacruze: 6 Impressive Ways to Advertise Your Podcast on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to explore and be explored by people around the world. It is also an effective tool for promoting and marketing. For this reason, many podcasters started to promote their podcast on this platform. 

Conversely, Instagram also continuously updates with its latest updates and features. This will significantly help them grasp more audiences and become public figures. They share engaging content on Reels, Videos, and posts to engage their followers. In addition, podcasters buy automatic Instagram impressions, which will elevate their reach and story views.

Are you a budding podcaster looking for ways to become famous? Then these 6 steps will help you to become one. Read and make use of it to get benefitted. 

Why is Instagram an Ideal Platform?

As we all know, Instagram is a popular social media

platform with a vast pool of users and is growing day by day. So it is easy for them to catch up with the targeted audience. Adding to this, both the podcast and Instagram have a similar audience, so this will work out seamlessly.

For podcasters, it will be an advantage because of the reason that Instagram can be accessed by mobile. So promoting on Instagram will be easy and stand out from other podcasters.

Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Learning how to market and create content that resonates with your followers is integral to promoting yourself as a podcaster. Here are some of the ways you can work out to advertise your podcast effectively on Instagram.

#1 Have a Business Account

You can rely on the Instagram business account rather than your personal account. Using business accounts allows you to access many more features that a personal account doesn’t have. Some of the impactful features for your benefits are as follows,

i) Insights

Instagram Insights provides in-depth details of your page performance and your follower’s performance. This information will help in planning your social media strategy

ii) Contact Info

By accessing the business profile, Instagram provides a few more ways to get connected with your followers. For example, you can add contact information such as email, call or contact and address options.

iii) Swipe Up 

The swipe Up feature can be accessed for profiles with more than 10,000 followers. This will be a valuable opportunity to link your podcast episodes and likes to your posts. You can include the swipe-up link to your stories. On Swiping this, it will direct you to your podcast.

#2 Speak About Your Brand 

You need to find different ways to market your podcast that should be creative and effective. So that people will recognize your brand and will remember your brand name. This is the crucial part of marketing your podcast. 

These are some of the things to look out for,

  • Use a consistent color and pattern for your post to be easily recognized.
  • Give variations for your logo or watermark to make it legible when used in backgrounds.
  • Use graphic designs in your text and animation, which will grab the attention of your Instagram followers.
  • Ensure that you use cover art to create an impression for the viewers to watch your podcast episode.

Engaging your target audience is a great way to promote and grow your audience. Similarly, Instacruze will assist you in enhancing your views instantly.

#3 Carry Out Photoshoot 

People are curious to see the face behind the voice. So posting images related to you and content will make the audience reach one step ahead of you on a personal level. 

Your images should reflect yourself and your subject matter. 

Podcasts that focus on a specific niche are more welcomed. However, choosing a setting representing your podcast niche would be better. Whether it is your picture or a group picture, it can influence your profile growth and podcast growth.

#4 Make Teaser Posts 

Make a small reel on the content of your episode highlights. This will kindle anticipation among viewers to watch your podcast. It is one of the beneficial ways to make your podcast reach a wider audience. Here are some of creating ways to make your audience stay tuned with your podcast,

  • Use motivational or inspirational quotes from your podcast as an image.
  • Make use of audio snippets to grab your listener’s attention.
  • A story or Reels of your podcast episode update will work out. 

#5 Utilize Instagram Story Feature

Instagram Story helps you to advertise your podcast in an effective manner. You can use this feature to gather new listeners for your podcast too. Here are some ideas to inspire your audience for your show,

  • Poll Sticker: it is one of the favorite stickers and is used by many users. It is as simple as pressing a button. You can also post Quiz stickers to your stories with a note related to your podcast content.
  • Question sticker: You can use this sticker to interact with your followers. Also, remember that you don’t add paragraph upon paragraph. Keep it short and straightforward.
  • Add Yours Sticker: You can learn about your audience by using this sticker. You can ask them to share pictures of followers listening to the podcast.

You are using different stickers in your Story to advertise your podcast. So you can make a note of the engagement that each sticker possesses among your viewers. This will help you in knowing your target audience’s mindset. Meanwhile, consider trying Instacruze to amplify your story views in minutes.

#6 Follow Other Podcasters

Building a potential relationship with other podcasters in your niche is key to getting recognized. This will elevate your Instagram page to the next level of exposure. So follow them and be a part of their communities. 

Ensure that you take advantage of every opportunity to engage your viewers. You cannot build a prosperous and robust community without cherishing your audiences. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the best platform for podcasters aiming to attract more followers and listeners. The above discussed are some of the ideas for promoting. There are many creative ways to publicize your podcast to a broader reach. It is in your hands to make it possible. 

It’s time for you to get into the market and steal the show!