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Instacruze: A Smart Guide to Using Instagram Stories for Product Promotion

‘Stories’ by Instagram allow users to unleash their creativity and engage with their audiences effectively. Social media surveys state that sharing ‘Stories’ is one of the best ways to beat the algorithm and garner engagement from followers. 

The best part of this feature is that you can access all the resources within the application and craft interactive yet eye-grabbing content within minutes. From individual creators to top-notch brands making use of Stories to share whimsical content that lasts for 24 hours. In fact, many budding users buy automatic instagram impressions to spread their creative content among wider audiences and attract audiences in a short while. 

Still, there are a plethora of perks that you can reap right here. So then, why not use this visual platform to promote your product and make a positive impact on your brand growth? All right! This article will take you through essential information that you must know for promoting your products via Instagram’s’ Your Story’ feature. 

Discover All About Stories 

The first and foremost step that you want to take is to understand almost everything about Instagram Stories. Here are the essential factors you need to know before starting your product promotion with Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Story – It is one of the most happening features of Instagram, where you can share images or posts that appear for 15 seconds. 

How does it appear? – Content creators are supposed to craft vertical visual assets as it appears in full screen. So the suitable ratio would be 9:16, and the dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels. 

How long it lasts? – Organic story content lasts for 24 hours. When coming to paid story ads, the duration can be set as per your need. If you want to save an important story, you can simply add it to the ‘Highlights’ section and let it be there forever. 

How does the Story differ from others? – Each Instagram feature differs from one another and yields different results. The best part of Story is that you can get access to loads of visual elements such as stickers, emojis, filters, effects, and so on. You can utilize all these add-ons to enrich your Story and make it more interesting for your audiences. 

Thus this is the basic information that helps you to craft perfect stories for your product promotion. Now is the time to discuss a different way of promoting your products through stories. 

Create & Share Organic Posts 

An organic post is nothing but regular story content that you will create and share on your profile. You can upload the image or video created already and tweak the changes to suit the story’s format. Otherwise, capture the live moments and spice it up with the relevant stickers. You are not limited to any option. So, let your creative juices flow and impress your audiences in different ways. 

But keep in mind that you should maintain a balance between promotional posts and regular ones. The way of being too promotional may bring down the value of your brand and doesn’t make sense at times. So, think of how you can promote your products in an effective, entertaining, and interactive way. Furthermore, consider trying Instacruze to expand the reach and increase conversions wisely. 

Turn Stories into Shoppable Store 

In general, all the features of Instagram are beneficial for users. ‘Shoppable posts’ is one among them that helps businesses of all sizes. With this exclusive option, facilitate purchasing process of your potential customers by simply tagging the product links. 

When an audience clicks on your link, it should navigate them to the product purchase page of your website. As a result, your prospects can buy a particular product from your stories in a hassle-free way. It’s convenient for both the seller and buyer, isn’t it? 

Embrace Instagram Stories Ads 

You don’t want to be a reputed brand to get noticed by the bulk of new audiences in a limited period of time. All you need to do is opt for paid advertising techniques that require a budget. The Instagram application runs story ads with the support of Facebook Ads Manager. 

You could add a hashtag sticker along with 10 hashtags in this sponsored ad. The ad will be shown to the new set of audiences who search for business or content related to your niche. The interested viewers will reach out to you or perform actions as per the call-to-action (CTA) you have included. For instance, you can add CTA as Buy Now, Send Direct Message, Learn More, and more as per your need. 

Keep an Eye on Analytics 

Being a brand owner or marketer, you’re responsible for watching the performance of your stories. Your work never ends once your content is shared on your respective Instagram profile. But the happy news is that you need not spend much more time gathering data by measuring the metrics. 

Simply utilize the Instagram analytics tool to view the overall performance of your story content. Now get a complete picture of what performs well for you and what needs a little more attention. Then, based on the analysis, tweak the necessary changes in your Instagram marketing plan and create upcoming story content in accordance with it. Adopting this strategy lets you get visible results for sure. 

Story Ideas for Product Promotion

  • Share behind the scenes
  • Publicize current offers, discounts 
  • Go Live on Instagram Stories 
  • Use stickers to engage with your followers 
  • Product launch or feature update content
  • Share customer reviews, feedback & testimonials

Whatever the content you share, ensure it will benefit your business as well as your target audiences. Besides, you shall reach out to Instacruze to reach more followers and stay ahead of the competition effortlessly.  

Final Thoughts

Hope now you know some of the best ideas about using Instagram Stories for product promotion. It’s time to create compelling content for your stories and boost your product sales. Always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and implement them right away to make the most of your stories. 

Cheers to bringing your best ideas to the vertical screen and blooming as a successful brand!