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Introducing the most advanced microphone noise canceling adapter

AENC Technology (Xiamen) Co, LTD has an excellent efficient and experienced team and provides technology products to customers. The efficient team of Blucalm has been offering unique products with high-quality services to customers for about 20 years.

One of the fantastic products offered by the brand Blucalm is an AI mic noise canceling adapter that works to remove background noise instantly and make your online communication smooth. This adapter comes with the option of a USB connector of 3.5 mm that deliver audio signals and make your communication crystal clear. The microphone’s performance with your device will be enhanced with the super-quality noise-canceling microphone adapter as it will reduce all unwanted audio signals. USB-C and USB 2.0 adapters make them compatible with different devices, including PCs, Laptops, Macs, and even mobile phones. So Blucalm offered and designed this adapter with powerful technology to compensate customers with all kinds of devices. Its structure is efficient and compact, so it can be fit anywhere you want.

Mic Adapter by Blucalm

Remove unwanted noise with the Blucalm AI mic noise canceling adapter. It is known as one of the world’s most fantastic USB C 3.5 mm microphone adapters with integrated technology of AI mic. It uses the technology of AI-powered cancelation of unwanted noise to make sure the communication is smooth and crystal clear.

As Blucalm offers it with 3.5 mm of adapted so it can be used to get rid of all your background noise with any headset. This comes with skin and an intelligent body and structure of about 14 grams to be placed in the pocket easily. Blucalm uses the technology of digital to analog converter in mic adapter to enhance the quality of sound efficiently. You can contact us to get products of your requirements via email or phone call.

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Where this advanced mic noise canceling adapter can be used

Blucalm offers products that can be used anywhere you need them. Precisely when it comes to getting rid of all your background noises. Blucalm offers an AI mic noise-canceling adapter that you can use while


Suppose you have to attend any call or meeting instantly. Or have to contact your co-workers, and you are outside the home or walking on the road. You can use this microphone adapter to remove all unwanted noises on the street, like traffic and other undesired sounds.


When you are traveling, especially on public transport, and have to attend your class, there will be a lot of noise to taking courses on zoom. So you can attach an AI mic adapter to have crystal clear communication, and it will be the best noisy background solution.

Working in a cafe:

Sometimes you have to take an instant lecture or have to present something online while you are sitting in a cafe. But there will be a lot of noise pf talking to people and other things, so in this case, you will need a microphone adapter that Blucalm offers you with all the great features to work with better communication online.

Blucalm ensures that you can have products that come with great technology devices.